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22 Money-Making Ideas You Can Utilize Online

While unethical online marketers display their products (that are more outlined) to extricate money from people rather than help them earn it, several people are encountered with the quandary of who they can trust when it comes to making legitimate money online.

Obviously, there are money making ideas that are just too good to be true. From my experience, most ideas talked about online don’t really suffice for many out there.

But there are ways to make cool money online. These money-making concepts are almost comparatively easy and direct, though some of them would require more technicality and expertise in particular areas. 

Making legitimate money online, even if it is some extra dollars every month, is not what a newbie can find difficult to achieve.As far as you’re willing to do it, you’ll devise the working tactics and make money doing what you love doing from the comfort of your home.

On the web, people have come to realize that things that are too good to be true commonly suffice. Yet, many people are failing for not carefully identifying programs that sound like scams. So, they go ahead, pay the subscription, and when it comes to getting paid, it becomes a different story entirely.

This is an issue that has to do with getting informed the wrong way or missing the direction completely from the onset. Those that started with the right information are really making an edge over others that are just longing to get results where they cannot figure things out.

While the internet has numerous advantages to offer and can really be a great avenue for many to leverage the biggest money-making opportunities out there, yet it can be complex a bit when it comes to business areas.

Here are some cool money-making ideas you can leverage right away which aren’t like the ones camouflaged by some hungry internet marketers out there.

If you can give the energy, time, persistence and consistency needed in any of these money-making ideas, you’ll keep getting results as you rock on. Try delivering the real value (exactly what makes the disparity between those that are really making money and those that are failing) and don’t get skeptical about putting in the right amount of time and energy on whichever idea you want to practice. 

For ease of understanding, I’ll serialize the list of money-making ideas below into three sub categories:

1. Straightforward and uncomplicated ideas

2. Medium-complex ideas

3. Multiplex or complicated ideas

The more complicated the money-making method, the more possibilities for results you’ll get! You’ll also need to invest more time as the learning curve advances with time, which is instrumental in getting the ROI as far as business is concerned.

If you’re just on the lookout for a simple money-making idea, the first set of methods will suffice your money goal. But if it’s something that will generate a steady and consistent flow of passive income, you’ll have no choice other than the multiplex ideas.

22 Money-Making Ideas You Can Utilize Online

Straightforward and Uncomplicated Ideas

#1 – Get Paid to Search the Web

Several sites offer individuals the opportunity to search and perform their normal daily activities on the web while making some extra dollars alongside. Most awesomely, you get paid for searching online platforms like Amazon, Yahoo, Google, Bing, and eBay.

They track your everyday activities using their silent software and your earnings are calculated appropriately. An example of sites that offer such earning opportunities is Qmee.

#2 – Take Surveys Online

Survey taking platforms like Swag Bucks, Toluna, Global Test Market, Vindale Research, and many others provide opportunities for individuals to get paid just for sharing their opinions online. 

There are countless sites promising people extra dollars for taking surveys online, even though some are more genuine than others. Just make sure you do your due research before signing up to any of these platforms.

#3 – Drive Passengers for Lyft or Uber

Organizations like Lyft and Uber are providing income opportunities for car owners in the cities of the United States.

People with sound cars and decent driving particulars are offered an opportunity to make some money each time they volunteer to pick some people up in their local areas and drive them to their destinations.

#4 – Make On-Demand Deliveries

There are agencies out there that provide on-demand deliveries across the cities of the United States. Most companies in this industry promise up to $30/hour doing deliveries either by using a bike, a car, or deciding to trek around.

To make deliveries based on your own convenient schedule, simply head on to the app and switch on or off your availability. One of the platforms to start doing deliveries is PostMates.

#5 – Sign Up As a Babysitter Online

There are platforms out there that offer esteemed individuals an opportunity to make extra dollars providing some babysitting or nanny services in their vicinity. 

Sites also provide jobs to interested individuals who are passionate about housekeeping, adult care services, pet sitting,,and errand services among many others. An example of platforms that offer this opportunity is care.com.

#6 – Become a Telephone Shopper Online

Organizations hire individual entrepreneurs who perform hidden shopping experiments, in reality, to leverage their mobile phones online calling offices of dentists and medical practitioners as well as calling companies and call centers to showcase their experience.

While you won’t become wealthy doing all of these, you can still make extra income leveraging platforms like IntellicheckARC, and others.

#7 – Become a Digital Assistant

Leverage a platform like Freelancer, Fiverr, Upwork, or Gurus to search for digital assistant services (Gigs). Though you won’t get rich working on those sites, you’ll at least have an opportunity to earn extra bucks doing some virtual assignments from the comfort of your bedroom through the web.

If you are passionate about doing business research online, this will be an excellent money-making idea for someone like you.

#8 – Do Website or Mobile App Reviews to Earn Cash

There are many sites that get you paid to post your reviews/thoughts about particular products, websites or mobile apps such as User Testing, and others.

To ensure you’re not wasting your time posting reviews to platforms, investigate any organization you come across with similar gigs.

#9 – Earn Extra Dollars Doing Micro Jobs on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk platform

Amazon created a money-money platform known as Mechanical Turk that is meant for performing the HITs. 

These are micro jobs that do not take too long to complete and will let you earn some bucks. At your leisure, you can earn extra cash performing the Human Intelligence tasks without much of a stretch.

B. Medium-Complex Ideas

#10 – Trade Forex or Stock Online

Trading Forex or stocks on the web is not a business idea that is suitable for the newbie. But it’s a cost-effective business idea as long as you are serious about doing it.

There are tons of platforms that will teach you how to become a dexterous trader. I advise you should find an esteemed course or platform and stride creatively to ensure you don’t make huge losses.

#11 – Sell Photos on the Web

Are you into photography? You can at your leisure take some pictures and have those sold on platforms like iStockPhoto and others.

And the more you get to know about the needs for specific types of photography, the deeper you become at Photoshop, and the more probably you’ll become successful at earning extra dollars leveraging this idea.

#12 – Sell Off old items on eBay

When it comes to auctioning off old items, eBay is the right place to go. From there, you can, of course, become a reputable seller; run a huge volume of merchandise.

While you grow your business steadily, it takes time to make your profile become popular, and you must develop the expertise needed to see that your listings are detailed, well-composed, and keyword-optimized in order to become highly-successful.

#13 – Start a Logo or Graphic Design Business

One cost-effective money-making concept is starting a logo or graphic design business online. However, you must have acquired some background graphic design knowledge before you can dive into this business.

Before you should attempt selling graphics to others on platforms like Fiverr or 99Designs, make sure you have taken a sophisticated course on graphics first.

#14 – Socialize for Your Local Business

If you are really good at social media marketing; then, leverage the social media platforms to market for local enterprises in your locality?

Utilize social networking sites like Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram to help brands grow their subscriber base and make it feasible that their products or services can be placed right before their target audience.

#15 – Create YouTube Videos

When we talk about video publishing platforms in the online world, YouTube is the largest, and it’s been under the auspices of Google for some years now.

Online entrepreneurs frequently leverage the YouTube platform to make videos because they know how efficient the platform is for creating video content that provides the right information while at the same time calling people’s attention to specific products.

Growing a widely-known YouTube channel really takes time; it goes viral more than a great blogging platform.

#16 – Create an e-Commerce Store with Shopify

Several sites are willing to help you showcase your products or services on the web. Shopify is one of such platforms. When it comes to selling just anything sellable, Shopify is a flexible e-Commerce platform you can leverage.

Set up your Shopify store and begin to send traffic to the products or services you want to sell. With Shopify, you can actually earn a lot of money selling things from anywhere in the world.

17– Make Money Online Doing Translation Work

If English isn’t your native language, or you speak many languages, you can leverage that and make some money selling translation services. 

Qualitative translation services are needed by people from all over the world and if you can find a way of showcasing your translation potentials to your specific audience, you can earn a decent amount of income doing that online.

C. Multiplex or Complicated Ideas

#18 – Publish an e-Book via Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

If you are proficient in any area of expertise relating to Online Marketing, Entrepreneurial Business, Digital Marketing, Blogging, or any other, why not leverage the KDP platform and make money publishing eBooks?

You don’t need any much experience to publish on Amazon KDP platform, and you can start receiving royalties within a few weeks of getting started. If you want your books printed in hard copies, you can design the cover using templates and your books will be sold at Amazon physical stores across the United States.

#19 – Become a Successful Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is a high-paying online business. It takes years of receiving training and learning from others through blogs, writing remarkable content, mastering internet marketing and SEO, learning how to build an ideal sales funnel and landing page.

While some affiliate marketers are earning hundreds of thousands of dollars every month, others are finding it insanely difficult to get to this in a couple of years.  

#20 – Convert your eBooks Into Audios on ACX

If audio books are accurately composed, they can passively generate income for you every month. Countless people buy audio books every day on Amazon and you can leverage this money-making idea too.

While doing it, let quality take preeminence over quantity. Publish high-quality eBooks utilizing the Amazon’s ACX unit, Audible and others.

#21 –Explore Email Marketing

Email marketing is still the most prominent channel to explore when it comes to performance marketing. It helps you create connections and build long-term relationships with your audience.

Grow an ideal audience of people who are interested in what you offer and are always willing to learn from you. Activate a popup email opt-in subscription form and start collecting subscribers’ emails through your blog.

#22 – Create a Niche Blog

Blogging is, of course, an incredible way of growing online or even offline business. It takes a long time to achieve success with a blog and that’s why many give up so quickly and quit faster than they started.

Set up a niche blog and start building it keeping SEO in mind. Learn a lot about SEO from experts and implement the practices on your blog to start getting results. Prepare to build your blog for a few years keeping consistency in mind and watch the earnings grow steadily over time.

You can learn more about passive income by checking it out in the wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Passive_income

Thanks for reading my post. Please ask any questions or drop me a comment below. You may also like to read my other posts:

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Chris is an affiliate marketer based in Bolton, in the north west of England, United Kingdom.

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  • Wow thank you so much for putting out this type of article, I have been trying to find some type of way to make some side money online but I couldn´t find anything that was good enough but after reading this article, I have already seen some ways that I would like to earn some money and you even gave some suggestions so thanks for that also. I will be sharing this. Bye

    • Hi Barbara,
      Thanks for reading my post. I am so happy you enjoyed it.Thanks again for sharing it.

  • I guess the more complex the work becomes, the higher chances  it gets to make valuable income online. Wow! Such an excellent list of the best possible works that could be made available to anybody online. I like the fact that they are all legit which makes it much more easier to pick from the options listed. Thanks so much for these list. I have seen a couple more opportunities I can take alongside my affiliate marketing job. Thanks

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  • Most people still don’t realize that making money online is a very real thing. Maybe because of the fact that there is a huge amount of scams have made MMO a bad name and most believe that it’s a fake thing. But as you mention in your article if someone dig deeper will understand that there are various ways to earn money just by working online. You just have to find what is good for you and what suits better your needs.

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  • drinkteahub

    Hi Chris, a great list of ideas and I like the way you’ve arranged them in increasing amounts of complexity, that makes it so much easier to know where to start. I’ve found that some of these have restrictions on non-USA citizens: Amazon Mechanical Turk, for example, has a lot of USA resident only tasks, and it will only pay into an Amazon USA (dot com) account and you can’t transfer the balance to your Amazon UK account. If you need to buy things from the USA occasionally it’s fine but it’s a bit of a pain. But your list is brilliant, very helpful, thank you.

    • Hi Drinkteahub,
      Thanks for reading my post. I am so happy you enjoyed it.

  • Out of the 22 ideas, you proposed here, I’ve probably tried a handful. Mturk was quite mundane and I actually didn’t qualify to be a microtasker, much to my surprise. Then I tried online surveys, also very redundant and it takes forever to be qualified for their questionnaires. After I started my blog, I’ve pretty much given up trying all these task-oriented jobs. They aren’t consistent and the effort is unrewarding as well. 

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