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Passive income is income that requires little to no effort to earn and maintain: it includes rental income, royalties, etc.

About PassiveIncomeGigs.com

Welcome to PassiveIncomeGigs.com.

My name is Chris. I hope you enjoy visiting my site and that you will come back soon.

I want to tell you why I created the website and also give you a little information about me.

PassiveIncomeGigs.com is an e-learning platform teaching members and site visitors how to start and run their own online businesses so that they can earn passive income. We teach that the basic foundation must be owning a website.

We emphasise a 4-step approach: 1. Find a niche. 2. build your own website. 3. Attract visitors to your site. 4. Monetize your website.

I have been online for quite sometime as I am a 56 year old Dad now. I am married and we have three lovely teenage kids. We live in Bolton, north west of England and we emigrated from West Africa many years ago.

I have a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering earlier in my career and I also have a Masters degree in Advanced Materials Engineering from University of Bolton, UK.

I have studied Project Management, Business Analysis and Quality Assurance (Software Testing) last year. I have an active online forum where I coach people on digital technology.

I am passionate about helping others along the way as I am on my way striving to achieve financial independence.

I am excited about the future and I hope you come along and join me in this exciting journey. 

Have a nice day !!

Thank you.