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16 Ways To Make $100+ In A Day Online

For years now, I’ve been a financial entrepreneur and expert, and I’ve got some meaningful breakthroughs along the journey. I used to be totally overwhelmed whenever one of my business ideas worked out well or I got heavily paid to my bank account.

Yet, I couldn’t compare any of my early days in business to the very first day I earned $100 online in less than 24 hours. Despite the fact that I was earning a 6-figure income from online investments and other businesses, I got blown away when I received my first $100 check from Google – an amount of money earned within a 24-hour period!

So, that single-day revenue from Google marked the beginning of a completely-beautiful earning experience online. It was a revolutionary hour for which I was excited.

#1: Google AdSense

When I set up my first blog, I encountered a lot of constraints as a financial entrepreneur. Eventually, the only way I was able to monetize then was through Google AdSense enablement.

With this revenue-earning tactic, you simply submit an application with your blog address and Google auto-generates an HTML code for you to be pasted on your site. Once you’ve enabled AdSense on your site, your account goes activated and advertisers’ Ads begin to show on your blog. When you get valid clicks on those Ads, Google shares revenue with you instantly. You don’t need to sell a product before you get paid.

Within three months of enabling Google AdSense I could earn my first $100 check, though people tried to ask me how I was able to earn that much with Google AdSense initially.

But I made everyone realize that not all niches make good money at first with AdSense. My niche was related to financial service which has a higher payout than that of most niches out there. So, if your niche is about pets, for example, you may probably not earn much at first with Google AdSense. It may take so long to start seeing a few cents coming in and for your Ads to earn your first $100 paycheck.

#2: Sponsored Posts

You can get paid by companies just for receiving a mention on your site and for talking about certain products or services they promote on their sites. While I started out with a rate of $150 per sponsored post done on an ideal Financial Service, I jacked up my pay rates and continued like that over time.

While I was charging $200 per sponsored post on my site, there were other blogs on which rates started from $25,000 and above due to higher traffic.

One important thing to note is that while you’re planning to run sponsored posts on your blog, you must be sure you’re dealing with a trusted brand. You’ll lose a ton of trust/credibility from your audience if you’re not promoting things that relate to your specialty or passion.

#3: Text Links

Just like AdSense, another revenue opportunity that earned me $100 at first was Text Links. Don’t know what text links are? If you check some of my articles out online, you’ll see hyperlinked texts that are clickable.

While I was blogging with little or no knowledge about therevenue opportunity in using text links, brands were always willing to pay $100+, $250+, and even $500+ just for you to link to their sites from yours. But I was so amazed when I realized there are a couple of companies out there that were willing to pay $100+ just for linking to some of their blog posts from mine.

A few months later, I discovered that selling text links were a violation of Google’s terms of service (TOS). This implies thatyour site will likely go down if you consistently do this for a very long time.

Not that you can’t leverage this method to earn at all, but it isn’t an ideal long-term revenue tactic. It isn’t safe to sell text links on a consistent basis. You can monetize through it once in a blue moon, but not to overdo this with greediness, or you’ll have every cause to regret doing that.

#4: Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most prominent ways to earn big commissions online. After adding affiliate links to my site, my income started to boost up every day and I got blown away.

In my financial process niche, there are affiliate companies like online banks, virtual brokerages, and monetary tools that were always willing to pay big commissions for promoting them.

While some affiliate companies may pay you $50 per sale, others could pay as much as $150 per conversion. So, what you can make in affiliate commissions would depend on the type of affiliate programs you’re promoting.

#5: Display Ads

Display Ads are more or less like AdSense with the exception that readers don’t need to click on Ads for you to earn a share of the revenue. Display Ads can be likened to highway billboards, which are placed on your site rather.

You’ll receive a revenue share even from page impressions/views, unlike Google AdSense where you must get valid clicks first to make money. In that case, you’ll grow your revenue awesomely as your site traffic booms with time.

#6: Freelance Writing

If you are passionate about writing always, freelance writing is agreat way to make money online. You’ll need to work actively always to earn from freelance writing and you can have the opportunity of writing for authority sites.

One of the first set of brands I wrote for paid $200 for each article. It wasn’t a huge sum of money though, I utilized the privilege to develop my writing expertise and build a brand for myself in the online world. Currently, I don’t write for many brands like ever, but there are professional freelance writers out there who are currently earning $300, $600, and even $1,500+ on each article.

There are a couple of freelance writing brands that are earning a 6-figure income writing from the comfort of their homes every year. I know some freelance writers who are earning over $20,000 every month writing for top brands. Some of them even wrote books that teach how to become a successful freelance writer.

#7: Getting Clients for Your Business

When I got started with a blog, I visualized that my site would be a great marketing source through which I’d be getting new clients for my monetary practice procedure. This tactic sufficed my marketing goal since I was completely online building brand awareness/authority and reaching out to potential clients I couldn’t have otherwise got in touch with.

If you have a service-providing business of any type, the most ideal strategy would be starting an operational blog which will ensure you grow an online presence that will lead to getting new clients for that business. So, as I did for my business, you’ll build a client base which is, of course, a lot more fun thanorganizing seminars all the time or making cold calls.

#8: Training

If you have a skill in any specific profession, why not leverage the internet to grow a training business?

While I was passionately helping a lot of people solve their problems for free, I came up with an idea to start collecting a consultation charge for giving or sharing useful ideas of how I did certain things that worked out. That continued and waxed stronger as I kept building my blog.

From a search, it was found that professional trainers do earn $300+ an hour whereas average business trainers earn $200+ an hour. On the other hand, life trainers could make around $150+ an hour.

If you have an expertise that people are asking to leverage to improve their own business, it’s the normal practice that you can charge a consultation fee. You are only doing that for the time and passion you share with them.

#9: Virtual Products

While there are some virtual products online, there’s always an avenue to get more. I do have a few products that I own and promote online.

I offer some free digital services on my blog which allow visitors to register first for free and later upgrade with a $6 charge to access some behind-the-scene videos and PDF downloads. While $6 might look so little, it ensures that I can still earn $1000+ passive income every month!

#10: Digital Courses

I’ve just talked about my virtual products above, but note that you can always generate virtual products on your own and promote these. It could probably be a video resource, PDF, or a training course – whatever stuff you believe will suffice your business goal. Keep in mind that your products must be quality ones and you’ll have to deliver the goods as at when due.

There are e-courses promoted on YouTube that are selling for $400+ each. The key is quality. Keep at it and you’ll build an ideal business that will generate you some passive income every month.

#11: Investment Dividends

This is a system of buying stocks or ETFs through an online brokerage account. I’ve successfully begun to earn a minimum of $100 every day of my investment for so long, and this has simply turned out to a passive income source for me as well.

Note that it’s important to run an online business alongside a traditional investment to rack up your income passively with time. To get started with a solid/trusted investment company that pays, register an account with TD Ameritrade, Scottrade, or any other online brokerage company and you’re set to go.

#12: Real Estate Investment

You have a couple of real estate investment firms like Fundrise.com and many others out there that you can leverage. You simply open a free account first and fund it. Potential investors will then invest that money and you receive dividends.

Without much of a stretch of being a landlord, here is a prominent way to start a real estate business with as little as $600.

#13: Sponsored Social Shares

This is an opportunity to earn when companies ask you to share their products or services on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and others.

I haven’t dived much into this though, I have friends who do it and earn a lot of bucks sharing things like rugs, carpets, furniture, interiors, decorations, and lots more. The most interesting thing about stuff like this is that companies pay well for having such products shared on social media.

#14: Sell Stuff Online

This is yet another good way to make money online selling stuff you don’t need anymore. It could be a gift you received from a friend or family which you feel might be of no use to you. Things you can sell online may include computer items, mobile devices, accessories, kitchen utensils, cosmetics, pieces of jewelry wooden shelf, and furniture products.

If you have things to sell and wouldn’t mind setting up Ads on sites like Craigslist, you’ll find this method a prominent way to make money from home.

#15: Sell Physical Products

It makes a lot of sense to consider selling physical products if you have a passion for doing that and you can make money from this alone if you leverage the opportunity the right way.

While there are millions of YouTubers who showcase certain products on YouTube and sell those physical products via their own stores, you can open an online store as well and sell physical stuff like T-shirts, home decor, and many more. If you visit Etsy.com, there you’ll find categories of entrepreneurs who sell things like these.

While you’re planning to start selling physical products, it could be a product you own or products of affiliate companies that pay commissions. It doesn’t matter that it has to be your own products.

#16: Buying and Selling Websites

People usually buy and sell websites frequently for a couple of reasons best known to them. And if you have a target in mind, you can easily buy a website that will help you make a great deal of income passively with time.

Though I haven’t bought a site, I have friends who boughtwebsites that have been generating some passive income for them despite that they haven’t yet done any much work on theirown part.

If you want to buy or sell a website, the best place to go is Flippa.com. There you’ll find websites that are currently listed for sale.

You can learn more about passive income by checking it out in the wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Passive_income

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Chris is an affiliate marketer based in Bolton, in the north west of England, United Kingdom.

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