Ways to Earn a Passive Income on eBay

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Ways to Earn a Passive Income on eBay

People that know me one way or the other know I like selling stuff on the eBay platform! It’s certainly one of the most convenient ways I’ve ever found to earn a regular income over the last few years. EBay is such an easy-to-use platform to sell and make some considerable amount of income every month.

There are numerous ways to make cool money from eBay and I would like to mention a variety of things you can start selling today to earn huge profits. Some users make some little extra income weekly selling things on eBay while many others earn hundreds of pounds every month.

EBay is the right platform that suits whatever your sell goal might be, whether you just want to sell and earn little extra revenue or want to create an established business and earn big selling on eBay every day, weekly, and monthly. So, whatever scale you want to start on, there’s always something suitable for everyone out there to start selling on eBay.

Here are examples of things you can start selling on eBay to earn a passive income working from home:

Ways to Earn a Passive Income on eBay

Handmade Crafts

Several people make huge profits selling their personal handmade crafts and arts on eBay and, for your information; I sell on eBay and make some considerable amount of income monthly as well.

Here are examples of stuff you can create and sell, most of which I have created myself, which have been generating me consistent revenue for some years now:

• Wedding and party invitations

• Purchase uncommon, nostalgic, and collectable postcards and map them out as pictures to sell either in sets or singles

• Individualized greeting cards or poems

• Individualized favors, wedding table plans, and some appreciation cards

• Organize alluring silk and a bunch of foam flowers for important events and weddings – I created personal bunch of wedding flowers and it’s amazingly not as hard as you might feel).

• Decorate and paint stuff like:o Signso Christmas Eve boxeso Wine glasseso Wall clockso Jewelry boxeso Door stopso Ceramic mugso Plant pots

• Focus More on Individualized Stuff BecauseThey Sell More.

• Repair items like:o Cushioned heart door hangerso Decorated bagso Tissue holderso Face maskso Shopping bagso Cushion coverso Fabric door stopso Peg bagso Accessories for dolls

• Note: Items Created with Cath Kidston and Laura Ashley are Famous.


Something that constantly happens all year round is exceptional events or occasions. So, whether it is Child Naming ceremonies, Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Wedding Ceremonies, Valentine Day, or Father’s Day, the gift niche is thriving. So, why wouldn’t you create your own eccentric gift?

Here is an illustration of things you can create:

• Unused Parent Kit – this may include an unused parent book and other pieces and bits to assist them in the premature days.

• Stag night and Hen night parcels – You can imagine this yourself

• Pamper Hampers – purchase baskets and load with alluring aromas

• Baby diapers for new deliveries – purchase baskets, load with plenty of baby necessities and pack these inside

• Wedding Ceremony Survival Kit – let the bride get some pleasure in her morning by assisting with a wedding candle coupled with some vital pamper stuff

• Ready-made event bags – Help to take the stress off your event planning for parents – Purchase event goodies and bags in bulk on the eBay platform!

Sell all Your Unneeded Items

We do have a lot of extra items in the house that we don’t want to use anymore. Most times, you may not realize how much these items can potentially fetch you if you list them out.

Take the time to de-clutter your home, and you could be amazed at how much you can potentially make from those items that you don’t even value anymore.

You can always get a little bit of eBay stuff by regularly keeping a separate box both at home and in the office, de-cluttering and storing things there to sell later.

Tip: Always De-clutter and Store Items in A Box to Sell Later.

Create Your Personal Products

Several business owners earn some extra cash from selling their self-made products and you too can start doing the same. When it’s first mentioned, it may sound difficult, but it becomes feasible the moment you determine to do it. Here are some thoughts:

• Write a self-published book

• Produce your own beauty products such as cosmetics, soap, and other toiletries

• Create new inventions

• Purchase labels and containers for those beauty products to be sold on eBay.

Purchase Stuff from Retailers and Sell at a Profit

This is particularly interesting and it’s so simple to go by even for a newbie. You prepare to earn some extra profit buying from retailers and reselling on eBay.

If you can wait for the Sales and Discounts seasons, you can continue to stock up those items to make more profit, or perhaps, purchase items at the normal rate that will still help you make more profit.

The barricade to this is that it can take some extra time. When I tried it out, I discovered it took so much of my time. But I only tested it out to show that one could potentially make some extra money through this method. I know some people that are earning their full regular income exploring this method of course.

Some of the best shops where you can purchase stock include HomeBargains, PoundLand, PoundStretcher, or Wilkos, however, I’ve equally figured out that home items bought from The Range, TKMax, Argos, and even Dunelm also sell.

Once you’re sure of the amount of order you can fulfill at a certain period of time, if you are living near a shop and try keeping an eye on levels of stock, you can collect items provided you can do that without holding the stock.

During the course of doing this, I had an order once and when it was time to purchase the stock item, nothing was left in the store, so it took me a 25 miles return journey to acquire one that completely devoured my profit. Once you get your business moving, you’ll get to know what is trendy so you can know what stock items to keep.

The tactic here is to do your research and check out what really sells on eBay.

Purchase Items Off eBay and Resell on eBay

Every day we have thousands of stock items that are being listed on eBay, some of which are owned by folks who do not have the interest or chance to figure out the item worth, list at the most productive time, or take suitable photographs.

So, this is a golden opportunity for someone out there. I’ve got several items on eBay at a deal price by performing searches in a broad day light. Less people come around to bid during the day time which results in getting items at a less price! So, you purchase at a less amount, then, you resell to make a profit. Very simple!

Also, try searching for stock items that are deficiently photographed; these accumulate less interest, making it possible for you to purchase the items, take a decent photograph and earn some extra profit when you sell.

You can also extend your searches to the “Job-lots” platform to purchase stock items at a less price. To really get the best deals, try searching the eBay stores in Hong Kong and China.

Purchase Used Items and Resell on eBay

If you have a close watch for what’s trendy and what’s actually not, then this is particularly meant for you. It’s a business that is so easy even for a mom at home or perhaps, a nursing mother. The most important thing here is that you’re venturing into a business that will help you earn some extra profit selling on eBay.

TipSome of the items that sell most on eBay for a beginner include Retro/Vintage, Ladies Larger Size Branded Wears, and High-Quality Kids’ Toys.

Purchasing items from those charity stores to earn an extra profit can most times bring about questions and initiate an argument as to whether this is a normal thing to do or not. I believe this is a personal decision anyway.

Purchase Items from Wholesalers

Some other items I’ve figured out that sell are kids’ accessories. I’ve achieved great milestones selling school bags specifically, but there is a wide range of items you can start selling by buying from wholesalers first.

How and Where to Find Wholesalers

Let me share with you below how and where you can find wholesalers to deal with:

• Sites where you’ll get direct contact information

• The publication you need to purchase to find wholesalers.

Sites Where You’ll Get Direct Contact Information


Currently Alibaba is serving hundreds of thousands of buyers, sellers and suppliers in the whole world. The users of this platform consist of trading firms, manufacturing companies and resellers. This is an awesome trading platform that is most suitable for those who trade in large quantities. There you can find suppliers’ information in details from whichever regions you want to find them in the world.

What I love the most about this platform is, you can perform your search region-by-region, meaning, if you want to find a supplier based in the US, you can find them with ease.

A word of caution you need to note is, you’ll be having direct dealings with suppliers once you’ve signed up to this platform. If you’re not carefully treading, you may lose connections with great suppliers. However, a lot of people out there are applyingtheir experience and are making huge successes in this platform.


AliExpress is yet another similar platform that is directly owned by Alibaba and you can get products from this platform at the exact factory rates. There is a secure payment method which ensures your money resides with you until order has been received.


So many people buy and sell items on eBay yet without getting to know that there exists several wholesale opportunities as well! You’ll need to use the “Job lots” platform in order to perform searches.

Check around the eBay stores, find out about prices and comments. Once you’ve come across an ideal supplier, you’ll have the chance of getting in touch with them directly if you so desire.


I admire this platform in particular, and got extremely excited the day I discovered it. One of the amazing things I love about it is, there is a wide range of suppliers to come in contact with.

If you’re looking for stock items to resell, this is a free platform for you to leverage. Through their easy-to-use navigation menu, you can easily find ideal suppliers to contact directly at your leisure.

While searching for wholesalers, you can possibly do your search by categories and you’ll be able to find a short description about each of these suppliers with a link to learn more about them. You can also alternatively try drop-shipping through this platform.

The Publication You Need to Purchase to Find Wholesalers.

The Trader is an amazing platform where you can find wholesalers that are published every month. You can check the magazines which are full of adverts from wholesalers covering a wide range of product lines from clothing and toys through home wares and furniture.

Through this platform, you can source for anything vital; you’re guaranteed to find all of that here in the platform. Wholesalers are also listed by categories, and you can always get a short description and contact details of each of them.

First Do Your Research

The best trick to sell on eBay is to do your research. To really figure out what is currently selling, first do some research, and then take a step. If it doesn’t suffice your sell plan, make some changes/adjustments, make some amendments, try something completely new, but never give up and you’ll become highly successful on eBay.

I hope you’ve got help from this tutorial on how you can make passive income selling on eBay as well!

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Please do leave a comment for me.

Have a nice day.


Chris is an affiliate marketer based in Bolton, in the north west of England, United Kingdom.

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  • Hello Chris, thanks for this wonderful post. I am really impressed with the various ways involved in selling stuffs at ebay and learning I can buy from them and resell is reall cool. But in aspect of reselling how do I make profit it?  Also the used products one can sell, can it still be marketable if a part is broken? Is there a fee to pay to be paid before one can start selling?

  • Wow, what other good idea to make some really good money. I believe that eBay is one of the biggest online shops. My baby constantly buys from eBay so it’s a really good thing that I can make money; and by that, passive income through it. It’s not a bad idea at all and I like that you say one can buy from eBay and sell again on eBay for those who don’t know the value of what they want to sell.

    • Thanks for reading my post. I am happy you enjoyed it.

  • This is great and I must say that I found this piece very interesting and helpful to know of. Firstly,  I know eBay is an excellent place to sell and buy some nice products but I have only bought from it and never for once consider selling things on it. I make some olive oils at home and I would like to know If that is possible to sell through eBay since you said we can sell virtually everything on the platform. Thanks so much for this

    • Hi Shelly,
      Thanks for reading my post. I am happy you enjoyed it.
      Please note that you can sell your home-made olive oils on ebay.

  • Linda Cooper

    Hi Chris, great post.

    I know about ebay and have bought supplies there. I have always heard sellers complaining its hard to sell because the platform is so big now and everyone who goes to buy wants only rock bottom prices. Your post has given me a whole new insight in to buying and selling on ebay.

    Clearly its worth another look as are many of your ideas that hadn’t occurred to me either.

    Thank you. Have shared to Pinterest and Twitter. 

    • Hi Linda,
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  • At one time I did try to sell on ebay as a shop that I operated when I tried my hand at dropshipping. But come to find out I wasn’t the only one that had access to those particular products. Do you have any tips on a workaround to that problem? I know you could drop prices lower than a competitor’s but that could mean your fee is so low it’s not worth your while.

  • Hey. a lot of great ideas here, i might try some of things out, thanks for this. i have a question you might not know the answer to but i thought its woth a shot, I have been thinking of trying droppshipping. do you think it is possible to use ebay in stead of making your own website store?

  • wow, my mind has never gone into making money on eBay before. I believe that the steps that one can use is not really hard. I am very familiar with eBay but I used to think that since I don’t have anything to sell. It’s of no use to go there to sell anything. I like your idea alot and I think reselling will be a good one for me. Thank you for the eye opener.

    • Hi John,
      Thanks for reading my post. I am happy you enjoyed it.

  • There have been so many way of making money online lately and I must confess the idea of selling stuffs online is one of my favorite aspect. I have been a member of an affiliate program with amazon and I truly its been fun. However looking at doing business with ebay seem like a good idea. Should I want to go into wholesale selling with ebay, how much do I pay for membership or there aren’t fee attached.

  • I’ve been thinking about taking up the challenge of an online business and I fully understand that its not easy. I’m glad you were able to mention some of the other platforms that could also be utilisd like Ebay. It all makes sense after the amount of time you’ve spent researching as I have. AliExpress, Alibaba and thewholesaleruk are platforms I will certainly be looking at closely with regard to using them to generate an income. I actually gave my own products I create so your excerpt about what works on Ebay in terms of a market interested me immensely. I’m actually excited about it.

    • Hi Sam,
      Thanks for reading my post. I am happy you enjoyed it.

  • I found the tutorial useful. The Trader link no longer works. I wonder why I used to buy the paper-based version years ago. However can one sell online courses on Ebay? I suppose it’s something I need to explore on the site. I knew someone who used to drop ship another seller’s product on Ebay.

    I’ve also discovered that many big stores have Ebay stores including charities. The list is endless. What are the return policies sellers have to adhere to? Would ebay penalise sellers for breaking certain rules or close accounts?

    I never knew about The Range and will check it out. Well done.

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