How To Earn Passive Income With Rank and Rent SEO

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How To Earn Passive Income With Rank and Rent SEO

How To Earn Passive Income With Rank and Rent SEO: A Detailed Step-By-Step Guide

I came across a beautiful passive income opportunity just last week while browsing the internet and so I decided to research further to get the full gist. The income stream is known as Rank and Rent SEO. After spending so many hours online digesting all the details of this system, it occurred to me that there might be other people online who might be eager to learn about how this business model works. So I decided to create this blog post to help ordinary people, like you and I, get answers quickly.

The straight-forward answer is that Rank and Rent SEO means ranking a website using Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques and then renting out the website to businesses who are eager to get the leads from the website. So a business will be paying (like you pay for rental of a car or a house) to the owner of a website, regularly, to a website owner so the business can have access to the ready-made traffic or clicks that the google-ranked website is attracting due to their SEO efforts.

My answer to this Rank and Rent SEO question will be divided into nine (9) simple subheadings below in order to help you get the full view of this opportunity.

What is Rank and Rent SEO business model?

Rank and Rent is the special class of SEO technique whereby a marketing practitioner optimises a blog or niche website so that the site gets ranked high on google and other search engines thereby generating leads. The marketer will then rent the ranked site out to a local business that is in need of the leads being generated by the ranked website. The local business can be that of a mobile phone repairer, plumber, accountant or lawyer.

In order for you to fully appreciate this rank and SEO business model, you will need to know the four (4) components:

  • the local businessman or merchant,
  • the ranked website generating leads
  • the lead (or call) tracking software,
  • the marketing agency ranking & renting the site

Quite simply, a rank and rent SEO guy can be called a seller of leads to local business people.

How to startup a Rank and SEO business

If you want to invest in a Rank and Rent SEO business, there are six things you need to do. They are:

  • You will have select a niche in your target local business area
  • You will then create a website focusing on that niche
  • You will need to drive web traffic to your website
  • You will have to shift the traffic to your chosen local business guy’s products or service
  • You will also track how the conversion is getting on at the merchant’s side
  • You will finally have to acquire a book-keeping software to issue invoices and collect your money from the merchants for your services.

Which persona is suitable for Rank and Rent SEO ?

I will highlight for you, below, a range of personalities that are suitable for the business model of Rank and Rent SEO.

  • If you are a local business who is not selling physical products but just rendering services.
  • Marketing agency that is interested in helping local people discover services very close to them
  • If you are happy book-keeping (doing standard accounting records using relevant software packages.
  • If you are a local business person that loves to secure business leads but is not interested in employing a sales or marketing personnel.
  • If you are a local business person that finds it acceptable to have a recurring payment for business leads.

What tools do you require for Rank and Rent SEO?

If you really want to do well in your Rank and Rent SEO business, you will need the a number of digital tools or softwares. The first tool will be a Keyword Research tool for Local SEO which you will need to help you select a profitable niche. You will also need to acquire a domain name relevant to that niche and arrange web hosting for the website. Then you have to create landing pages, build back links and other contents for your site. Some analytics and email marketing software may need to be acquired also. It is likely that you may need to buy out accounting and legal services as part of your arrangements in setting up a reputable digital marketing agency.

Best bits of Rank and Rent SEO

Your Rank and Rent SEO business is like a guaranteed passive income stream once it is up and running properly. It is fairly scalable and transferable, has low running costs and initial setup costs are low. It is a very good business model as both the marketing agency and the merchant are happy with their parts of the bargain.

Pitfalls of Rank and Rent SEO

The major pitfall of this business model is that the chances of scaling it up big time is low as it’s mostly local in nature and applies mostly to merchants that sells services instead of goods. In other words, lucrative niches diminishes very quickly as times go by. On the other side of the equation, the merchants that rent the ranked SEO sites, cannot actually build any digital assets as they are paying recurring bills to use someone else’s digital property.

Rank and Rent SEO Costs

Online training companies for Rank and Rent SEO may charge about $800 and more, if you need ongoing support as well. One-to-one support and training definitely costs much higher.
Other major costs are that of buying domain names (about $15 per year) and web hosting ($8.95 per month) at Bluehost, a reputable hosting company. The price of email tracking software and bookkeeping packages vary widely depending on what you need.

Possible Alternatives to Rank and Rent SEO

A very common alternative is known as “Lead Gen” or Lead Generation. It is very similar but in Lead Gen, you sell off the generated leads by charging the merchants per lead. You can also do local SEO for the merchants’ website and charge them for your time. Other alternatives include E-commerce, Shopify, and Amazon FBA. There is also freelance alternatives in all these areas.

Step-by-step guide to earn with Rank and Rent SEO

Below is a summary of the steps needed:

  • Step 1. Do your Keyword Research
  • Step 2. Register a Domain name
  • Step 3. Acquire Web hosting
  • Step 4. Install WordPress
  • Step 5. Build your site Contents
  • Step 6. Acquire backlinks for site
  • Step 7. Intensify efforts to rank the site
  • Step 8. Rent out the ranked site

Step 1. Do your Keyword Research

The first thing to do is to use a Keyword research tool to search for find and analyse a profitable niche in a local service-based industry

Step 2. Register a Domain name

The next thing is to find and buy out a domain name for the niche you have secured. You may need to be a little creative in order to grab a good domain name. There are some software tools that can help you view available domain names in your chosen niche.

Step 3. Acquire Web hosting

You will need to sign up with a reputable website hosting platform that can guarantee very fast speeds for your website because site speed is a vital element that helps to rank a site high on the search engines.

Step 4. Install WordPress

The recommended site platform is WordPress as it is very popular and over 30 percent of all websites are built on it. You need to set up the WordPress and install an appropriate WordPress theme and plugins that is recommended for the type of website you will build.

Step 5. Build your site Contents

Your site content is the articles that should be written. It may be just texts and images or may contain videos as well. Like the gurus always say, “Content is King” whenever you talk about any SEO business.

Step 6. Acquire backlinks for site

A good number of relevant external links may be necessary to help rank your website. This can be achieved by guest posting at top blogs that have very wide circulation online. You may also get some backlinks by leaving good comments on other websites.

Step 7. Intensify efforts to rank the site

There are many SEO techniques including black and white hat methods that can help your site rank high on google and other top search engines. These may include installation of relevant WordPress plugins and entering required information in them about your website keywords, tags, titles and descriptions.

Step 8. Rent out the ranked site

The last bit of the process, which comes after your site has rank on google first page, is to find your local merchants to rent the site. It may be cold calling as you may have to pluck their contact information from the internet and call them up to sell them your business leads.


My final statement on how to earn passive income from Rank and Rent SEO is that you will need to learn the detailed skills as I outlined above and then implement the step-by-step process in order to achieve success. It is very clear that it is an excellent business model to earn passive online income. From my analysis above, it clear that once you have set it up properly, it will generate a stable income for quite a long time as long as the niche selected is a profitable one.

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You can read more about them on my blog post titled, “Wealthy Affiliate University, Free Starter Program”.

Thank you for reading.
Please drop me a comment below if you agree or disagree with my article.


Chris is an affiliate marketer based in Bolton, in the north west of England, United Kingdom.

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  • Thank you for posting this article about rank and rent SEO, I am very interested in this concept of earning a passive income from renting out a website, I must admit that it is something that I had never even heard of before reading this post, I am very interested in it but to be totally honest I do need more time to look into it fully, I have bookmarked your website and I will certainly be looking further into this, I think it maybe a bit too much for me to take in straight away, I really do like the sound of it though, thank you for sharing. 

    • Thanks for your comments. I appreciate you.

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    Hey, Chris!  Thanks for taking the time to put this article together!  I’ve never heard of Rank and Rent SEO, so you have educated me quite nicely!  In fact, I’m very new to blogging and affiliate marketing and don’t fully understand SEO… yet.  However, you have helped me to better understand the need for it and why it is important. I do like what this program suggests, so when I’m far enough along, I’ll be coming back to this post!  Blessings!

    • Thanks for reading my blog post and increased your knowledge of SEO.

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    In theory it is a beautiful proposition but it is easier than done, we might as well do real continuous sources income through blogging and product reviews in general ways as the skills required are not that simple and the process and procedures are tedious and laborious, I would rather concentrate on making affiliate marketing and if by chance I still see this SEO and rental attractive that would be the time for me probably try this proposition as I would be much more skillful in navigating the ins and out of creating such website. As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, it is no brainer that  I would stay in this field before touching this kind of source of online income. However, this is a piece of beautiful information. It adds up on my knowledge of making money online. Thanks.

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