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A Review of Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing community that was established by Kyle and Carson (two Canadian friends) in 2005. They started wealthyaffiliate.com together about 12 years ago and they’ve become successful at building an online business community of over 1.4 million entrepreneurs from all walks of life today.

My review of Wealthy Affiliate will shed some light into what the community is about and how you can utilize it to build a brand in the online business world. It’s an online business community that has grown at a pace faster than the entire industry and it’s accessible to people in almost all parts of the world.

Wealthy Affiliate has all you need to become a successful online entrepreneur working on your own website without much of a stretch. You have numerous tools and resources at your disposal to leverage while building your own business blog from the comfort of your home. Once you’ve upgraded your account to premium, you’ll have all those amazing tools and premium features unlocked immediately.

Note: This is to notify everyone that I used an affiliate link in this review – meaning that I’ll earn a commission when a visitor clicks through the link and buys the WA premium package. You can check our affiliate disclaimer policy here: https://passiveincomegigs.com/affiliate-disclosure/

Some of the benefits to derive from this program include a yearly trip to be won to Las Vegas (LV) upon making up to 300 sales within a 12 months calendar period. This is the super affiliate conference held every year in LV, United States. (All expense paid trip covering the flight from any location in this world).

I’ve previously spent a lot while I was in other similar communities, yet without being able to figure out how affiliate marketing works

When I came across Wealthy Affiliate a couple of years ago, I found it a relevant and useful community where I could accurately learn everything about affiliate marketing and how I was going to become a successful affiliate marketer.

Aside from belonging to a large community of world-class entrepreneurs, I’ve found this community a place where it’s possible to earn some extra revenue alongside building a personal website.

Through Wealthy Affiliate, you can:

  • Get paid to comment on other people’s blogs or websites
  • Receive recurring monthly commissions as an affiliate
  • Get paid to train others within the community by creating training tutorials, videos, and courses.
  • On Wealthy Affiliate, you get a comprehensive certification (Text and video based). The certification is in 5 different levels of 10 lessons per level which makes 50 lessons altogether. There is also one other section of the training called Affiliate BootCamp which is in 7 phases.

Several potential entrepreneurs from all parts of the world have got trained through the Online Entrepreneur Certification and many are building their websites alongside rocking the online world by implementing the working strategies taught.

The community has hundreds of experienced, skilled and successful entrepreneurs who are always willing to help you anytime you’re having issues connected to building your website. And aside from having the community around you, there’s also a premium feature known as SiteSupport – a unit that is meant to handle all technical matters members might have at anytime with their websites.

Are you skeptical about starting an online business? Maybe you’ve experienced several scams in the course of looking for a legit online business opportunity online, right? I was exactly in your shoes when I was getting started with this community. Dueto a series of scam occurrences, I didn’t want to get into online business anymore, but I kept getting this push to keep trying until I found WA.

WA uses a managed WordPress hosting package that is worth much more than the third-tier $250 monthly hosting package found in other similar platforms.

You can try out WA for free completely by first choosing to be a free starter while you may later upgrade to premium whenever you’re ready to start making money. Once you’ve successfully created a WA free starter account, complete your account profile setup by:

  • Adding an image
  • Adding a description of you
  • Starting training
  • Setting your money goal

As a free starter, you’ll be able to create up to two basic websites with unlimited free hosting for life. This is powered by the .siterubix.com platform.

This is a community whereby you can earn some extra bucks commenting on blogs alongside building out content on your blog.

Are you such a potential business entrepreneur who wants to build a website with the mindset of a super affiliate? Then, this review is meant for you.

Now, let’s go into the business……

If you’ve been looking for an amazing online business community where you’ll receive training and build websites while earning extra revenue, I’m glad to notify you that I’vefound one for you, and that’s Wealthy Affiliate.

Let me tell you that the following goodies are awaiting you once you’re ready to take action:

  • 24/7 full and interactive support
  • 61% action takers diamond discount award for action takers
  • A chance to be a trainer within the community after your first three months’ mark
  • An opportunity to get your site approved for Google AdSense
  • An opportunity to get paid offering comments to blogs

My Review About Wealthy Affiliate

In this review, you’ll learn how you can manage to build an ideal online business leveraging a highly trusted affiliate marketing brand like WA. You’ll also learn how you can make the most out of your premium membership to rock the online business world.

The community has a Niche & keyword research tool that showsthe metrics for choosing low competition keywords for your content.

It contains metrics such as the QSR, KQI, SEO, Traffic, Avg, Article Power and so on.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches the best ways to monetize a personal website and make the most out of it. It focuses on areas which most entrepreneurs do not pay attention to in the course of building a site.

The following benefits await you when you take action:

  • You get full support from the community, SiteSupport, and co-founders
  • No previous knowledge of the internet is required to get started
  • The free starter membership gives you the opportunity of building two websites with free hosting for life
  • It only takes a couple of minutes to get started with the program
  • You get up to 25 owned websites, 25 free websites hosted 100% free, Site Privacy, SSL Certificate, Unlimited email accounts, and WHOIS.
  • Weekly webinars and interactive classrooms
  • Free mentorship by experienced and skilled entrepreneurs.

How Can You Make Money on Wealthy Affiliate?

While successes are happening at WA, a lot of people are missing out on the ongoing revenue opportunities.

In this platform, you stand the chance to earn some extra revenue directly by offering comments to other members’ blogs or websites, creating awesome training courses, videos and tutorials, and earning recurring commissions from referrals. However, if you are not good at referring people, you can take advantage of the SiteComment 2.0 and Training platforms to earn extra revenue while building your site.

Earn Revenue from WA SiteComment 2.0

Prior to October 5th 2018, the SiteComment platform was operated, though it wasn’t possible for anyone to earn cash credits. But with effect from October 5th 2018, Carson announced the release of SiteComment 2.0 which enables members to earn extra dollars offering comments to other members’ websites.

There’s no limit to the number of comments you can earn per day and you stand the chance to earn $0.50 on every other comment you offer.

This simply means by offering 20 comments a day, you’ll earn $5 for the day which is $150 monthly as an extra income stream for you. Your live earnings go straight to your credit dashboard and can be withdrawn to PayPal on the first day of every month. Before you withdraw, make sure you exchange your cash credits to dollars and this will appear in your affiliate stats immediately.

Once you’re a certified commenter maintaining an approval rate of at least 80% and a skip rate of at most 20%.

Site owners request comments to their sites and approve comments that they deem fit should appear on their websites or blogs. This simply means they can approve a commenter or disapprove depending on how relevant the comments offered are to their content.

How to Become a Certified Commenter at WA

To become a certified commenter at WA, you’re required to offer your first 50 comments which must be of high quality to blogs. Upon completing this and you’ve been able to keep at a minimum of 80% approval rate and a maximum of 20% skip rate, you’re a certified commenter and can start earning revenue offering comments within the WA SiteComment platform.

How will you get a skip rate record?  When you choose that you’re not interested in a particular blog post, you’ll be given a skip record. If you don’t want these skip records to continue piling up in your account, simply edit your interests and make sure you only choose topics that interest you.

I know some people that marked all interests, but I only chose about 5 interests in my own account. These are topics that interest me the most. So, I’m able to write good comments to blogs that come up. The opportunity that we have on WA isn’t found in most online business communities out there – being able to earn extra revenue while building websites.

Earn Cash Credits Creating Training for Wealthy Affiliate

In order to start creating training for Wealthy Affiliate, you need to stay active for your first three months mark as a premium member. Training credits are in levels and these start from level 1 at which you earn 10 cash credits ($5 cash value), level 2 at which you earn 20 cash credits ($10 cash value), level 3 at which you earn 30 cash credits ($15 cash value) and so on for life. So, there is a possibility to earn $300-$450 monthly at level 1, and so on.

When it comes to finding financial freedom, it’s available through WA, but you need to be consistent and be ready to give the time, effort and funds needed to actualize your money goal.

The WA Training platform will let you upload videos, images, or docs from your personal computer or from the WA media library for your training resources. But note that you’ll lose all your posting privileges if, at anytime, or in the future, it’s found that you’ve been uploading copyright-protected materials to WA.

The most awesome thing about creating training on the WA training platform is that each of your training resources can rank in search engines and when this begins to happen, you’re going to earn cool and consistent revenue in the lifetime.

Before these revenue opportunities started to come up at WA, it was hard for most members to pay their monthly subscriptions, but ever since the introduction of revenue opportunities came up, members have got some flexibility to pay monthly subscriptions from the revenue earned within the community.

WA will let you create a brand and once you’re done creating that, you’ll be starting a journey to financial freedom.

Once you’ve set up your website using the WA site builder platform, you’ll have to start building out content based on your specialty. You’ll have to continue doing that consistently and frequently to rank well on SERPs.

Getting Started ​with Wealthy Affiliate

When you are ready to get started with the WA community, you’re going to have all tools at your disposal to build your own website and keep on moving towards financial freedom.

You can start first by creating a free starter account while you may upgrade later to premium and at this time, you’re ready to start making money online.

While going through the training, ensure you don’t skip any lesson. Endeavor to complete all actionable tasks – noting that each of these tasks leads you to a meaningful destination in the course of setting up your own website.

Wealthy Affiliate Training Program

As explained earlier, the training at WA is in two parts namely; Online Entrepreneur Certification and Affiliate BootCamp.

Completing all actionable tasks in all lessons will turn you an entrepreneur and you’ll have the fundamental knowledge about making money online the right way. It will also establish a mindset in you that will make you stay consistent with building a website to a successful stage.

The Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership

When you join as a free starter, you’re going to be restricted to certain features, but you’ll be able to access the SiteBuilder, SiteManager, SiteContent, and SiteDomain platforms.

As a free starter, you’re also going to have the opportunity to access the first lesson out of the five lessons of Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC).

To unlock access to all the premium features, you’ll need to upgrade your account to premium with $19 for your first month, and $49 monthly in subscriptions.


• You’ll receive full & interactive support from co-founders, community and SiteSupport

• You’ll be able to access weekly webinars for free

• You’ll be able to register a powerful domain name for your brand at a cheap price and enjoy live hosting

• You’ll be automatically enrolled for Online Entrepreneur Certification upon creating an account

• You’ll leverage all premium tools to become an expert in your industry.


• You’ll lose your membership once you’ve failed in paying your monthly subscription.

• Your account gets deleted from the WA web space once you cannot pay your subscription within 30 days of receiving the deletion notice.

Thanks for reading my blog post.

I am Chris. I want to hear what you think. Please leave me your comment in the comment section below. I will reply to you as soon as I can. Please share.


Chris is an affiliate marketer based in Bolton, in the north west of England, United Kingdom.

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  • Excellent article on Wealthy Affiliate, I can say it boldly to the whole world that WA is the best as far as affiliate program is concern,coming to WA has opened my eyes to many benefits in online business,because this platform gives a lot of benefits and training which makes success a possible journey,it helps you to convert your passion to money making ventures,you will be able to build your business from scratch to greatness,thank you for sharing this awesome and helpful write-up about Wealthy Affiliate

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    I can say Wealthy Affiliate is surely a reputable platform and has a relatively simple pricing scheme, the training offered in this website is top notch and being part of a friendly and knowledgeable community is a great way to get some small wins and start making my first dollars online. If I was to make a choice over again it will be wealthy affiliate over and over.

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  • Wealthy affiliate is kit just a platform of success but a blueprint that leads to success so far one is ready to chip in he work that would provide the success with everything and toolsade available on the platform. Joining wealthy Affiliate has been one of the best decisions of my life which I can never ever regret. The tools provided on the platform are massive. From the university training to the extensive support, the website host and the keyword research tool, jaxxy, everything is just perfect. The fact I can run this platform while being a free member too is tempting. I only have great things to say about them. Thanks

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    Sometimes I wish I got to know about Wealthy Affiliate when it had just started but it wasn’t a chance I got. So, when I get to see information like this I just hope that anyone who sees it becomes open minded on how legit this is. I have been in Wealthy Affiliate for 3 months but I have made afew dollars and that confirms that the program works. There 24/7 live support. Thank you for taking the time to get us this great information. I look forward to more articles.

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  • Oh, this is really nice how you have given the details on wealthy affiliate. I think your review on the platform is well written and very comprehensive. I woulbe have any other thing to add than to say that it really is one of the best training platforms for those who want to learn about internet marketing. Nice review here. Very good!

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  • Wow, this review on wealthy affiliate is not just detailed but it is very honest. Many times, we see people who make use of the platform to talk about their passions to make money online. Wealthy affiliate is one of the best website hosting platforms and the training is perfect. The tools that one can use to learn are all too notch. Nice review.

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