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7 Ways to Make Money from a Website

Want to start earning your cool and consistent money and stop reporting for any boss? Setting up a website of your own (your own brand and virtual real estate) is one of the potentially most ideal and awesome ways to do that. But, how can you generate cool money from a personal website – something that is apparently vague!

There are tons of several ways to monetize a personal website. In this tutorial, I’ll let you know the ones that really work and will also tell you the benefits and drawbacks of each of them.

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Ways to Make Money from a Website

Generally, we make money from a website in 7 major ways:

  • Displaying Adverts – This is a classic way of making cool money from a website, note that it may be hard a bit to make money if you’re not yet already generating thousands of traffic hits on that website monthly.
  • Selling Products – This is known as eCommerce and it’s one of the best ways to make money with a personal website, leveraging it as your own selling platform.
  • Creating a Membership or Subscription Website – This is increasingly becoming more popular, and smaller sites are conducting research with premium memberships.
  • Hosting Sponsored Posts – If your website is prominently growing, you can leverage it to host sponsored posts and make a lot of money. You can get paid by a brand to host a post recommending certain products or services.
  • Setting Up and Selling Websites – This is what we refer to as “Website flipping”, and you can make a substantial amount of money from developing a domain and selling it over.
  • Making Money From Affiliate Marketing – This is a way of getting commissions after sending visitors to a site and making sales.
  • Promoting Your Own Business – Having an awesome blog can help you grow your business and make it go viral quickly.

A productive website can certainly generate income from multiple ventures. However, businesses must find out which of the monetization channels will work best for them.

You’ll have to choose one or more of the monetization techniques that will suffice your business goal. For instance, if you are promoting products on a website that is loaded with adverts that are pointing visitors to external domains, this may not be a good plan for your own marketing goal.

Displaying Adverts on Your Website

This is a great way to monetize your site, even though placing adverts on your site might seem like a long undertaking. But Google AdSense will definitely make placing adverts on your website totally easy.

Most site builder platforms will offer plugins or apps for Google AdSense. Once you’ve got approved for AdSense, the apps will establish some small advert boxes you’ll always see on the net.

You can place that wherever you would want it to appear on your website. And you can also modify your site layout for advert placement. You’ll get paid when people view the advert, or click on them. Making money from placing adverts hasn’t been easier.

What is Your Income Potential from Placing Online Adverts?

AdSense may not be specifically lucrative if not run on a high traffic generating website. For anyone to generate a considerable amount of income, a website requires thousands of unique visits every month. It has become more difficult than ever to earn from placing adverts nowadays because a lot of people now utilize Adblockers on their devices.

When you place adverts on your site, there’s a possibility that you can potentially lose a ton of users trying to visit your site because most adverts slow the site loading speed. So, placing an advert on your site should be given a thought.

Selling Products

Want to begin selling products through the online portals? You may have to create a website of your own with a professional eCommerce practicality. This involves using a shopping cart system, stock taking, tracking of accounts and many more.

This possibly seems to be complicated, but it’s a direct and simple money-making mechanism if you carefully choose the right site design tool to get rolling.

A couple of drag-and-drop site builders such as SiteRubix, Wix, and others can walk you through the process of setting up a website will all these ready and in-built functionality. These features may not sometimes come for free, but they can be found so cheap on platforms.

When choosing an eCommerce site builder platform, considering the small print is worth it – for example, a fractional part of the number of sales made might be retained. You could, however, come across some site builder tools that won’t let you maximize your revenue opportunities in generating sales due to the fact that the cart recovery functionality might be abandoned.

Creating a Membership or Subscription Website

Some site builder tools will, of course, put aside particular areas of your website that only subscribed users can access anytime.

Setting up a users-only area of your website is an awesome way to make your posts look more valuable and exclusive. This denotes that visitors are likely to turn into premium members, as they can potentially visualize the additional value they’re going to get when they pay subscriptions to your website.

However, there’s a lot of risk and incentive for following this revenue source. You must be conscious of how many returning visitors your website is getting, and it’s always easier to first grow a free following prior to monetizing the audience through premium membership. 

It’s equally totally significant that if you first begin for free and later introduce the premium options, you won’t have to tailor your content towards a paywall. However, you shouldn’t introduce free things at the expense of your own finances.

You can create this type of income stream even without owning a website. There are a lot of online services specifically developed to set up premium memberships. An example is Patreon.

How Does Patreon function?

Patreon is a site builder service that enables an audience to pay money to their desired content writers, or rather access pro content on a free site.

Imagine this way – your desired podcast gives a free episode away to listeners every week; however, it also gives its stalwart Patreon subscribers another episode, a periodic Reddit AMA, and some secret video footage.

Subscriptions are paid monthly, which gives writers a monthly, reliable stream of income, assisting them with operating their businesses proficiently.

Unlike the series of monetization techniques, having an effective stream of income from Patreon does not entail a large audience of people. Rather than that, it works strictly on engagement.

For instance, I know someone who earns nearly $8000 monthly from over 4000 Patreon subscriptions.

Setting Up and Selling Websites

Setting up a whole website just with the intention of selling to others might seem uncommon, after all, how on earth would a person spend the whole time working on a site purposely to have it handed over to someone else? Anyway, it might make a lot of sense if you look at it as a real estate development.

To get started with the website flipping business, you must set up a website. You’ll also have to buy a domain and connect the site to it. Make sure you choose a domain that is potentially capable of driving tons of traffic, something a lot of people will not easily forget and they’ll try getting a top-level custom domain such as .org, .com, .co and so on, for example.

A top-level custom domain and a strategic keyword can generate thousands of dollars, though you’ll need to perform keyword research before you can get a strong keyword to use.

Once you’ve found a niche and a strategic keyword, start building your website. You have so many site builder tools at your disposal so far you’re working on a WordPress site. Using WordPress would be an added advantage as 66 two-thirds of the whole internet leverages its Content Management System (CMS).

Once you’ve purchased your custom domain and started building your WordPress website for a period of 1-2 years, you may then attempt to sell it leveraging a domain auction site like Flippa.com, Sedo.com, or GoDaddy.com. These are perfect examples of domain auction sites.

Once you’ve successfully sold your website, you can reinvest the money into another website setup or, perhaps spend it the way you desire.

Making Money from Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a system of sending visitors to another website to buy products while you receive a commission back on the sale.

It is usually regarded as a shady process, with several websites recommending items that were of doubtful quality just to make more money, even though the process has been systematically cleaned up and people have developed a mentality to always study product recommendations and reviews before buying.

On our website, we do earn affiliate commissions from the products we promote and we won’t be a party to making people buy products we don’t personally recommend or believe in.

If your website is driving tons of traffic, affiliate marketing could be an awesome way to monetize that website. But if your website is not yet driving a huge number of visitors, then affiliate marketing isn’t suitable yet for you.

The amount of money you can generate depends on how much traffic your website is generating daily, weekly and monthly. When your site starts generating a considerable amount of traffic organically, you’ll have all the potentials in the online business world to earn cool and consistent revenue working from home.

Promoting Your Own Business Using Your Personal Website

This is basically not about making money from a personal website, but trying to make money with the aid of a personal website.

Research shows that businesses with sites get more traffic than those without sites. This means you’ll lose a ton from your brand if you are not running a personal website for your business. People are always on the lookout for brands, businesses, products, shops, artists, and so on. So, if whatever you’re working upon online doesn’t go with a personal website, you’ll, of course, be missing out on the potential audience.

Your website is your personal shop address or, perhaps your online identity and the first impression prospects get from yourwebsite on their first visit matters a lot to its overall success. Once the pages cannot load fast, or users would probably find it difficult to navigate between the pages on your site, there’sgoing to be a high chance that a lot of customers won’t stay around your site to check out what you really have to offer.

Utilizing a site builder tool can, of course, remove the stress out of setting an awesome website, with elegantly-appealing & simple templates, staunch support and help, and drag-and-drop tools to modify and change your website.

Monetizing a Website

When you’re just getting started with a site, keep the following tips in mind in order to ensure you can generate income from that website.

  • Do – leverage a site builder tool. They aren’t as expensive as you think, and you can possibly create online adverts, stores, or sponsored posts as your website matures.
  • Don’t – get baffled that it’s difficult to set up a personal online store. Aside from the site builders like Wix, you have several other tools at your disposal to leverage in creating an awesome online store of your own. Shopify is one of them.
  • Do – keep quality in mind rather than aiming for quantity. In order to set up a long-term, successful business, you must channel your focus towards making people happy.
  • Don’t – forget that you can lose a potential customer with an Ad blocker extension if your website is monetized with too many Ads, though you’re not being discouraged from using AdSense because it’s a good source of extra revenue from your website.

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Chris is an affiliate marketer based in Bolton, in the north west of England, United Kingdom.

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