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ShareASale Review

This article is about bringing you a detailed ShareASale Review. Bagging over 15 years of experience, ShareASale is a robust and highly sought-after affiliate marketing network that has more than 3,900 merchants from a vast variety of categories. They have a good combination of both popular and small merchants and the list grows day after day.

It provides users with top-notch features and excellent reporting capabilities designed to improve your affiliate marketing experience. ShareASale is highly simplified and easy to utilize and even an amateur user can navigate the tool. With ShareASale, a lot of benefits are in store for you, notwithstanding your level of digital advancement.

Because of its large number of merchants, finding an affiliate program well suited for your website or blog is seamless. Regardless of the topic you are writing about, ShareASale will connect you with the proper merchant with whom you can collaborate to find an appropriate affiliate you can promote to monetize your website. Continue with this article to read my ShareASale Review.

ShareASale Review

How Does The ShareASale Affiliate Program Work?

1. Merchants

Basically, ShareASale is an affiliate network that is created with the aim of bringing together merchants as well as affiliates, while providing mutual profit opportunities for both of them. Merchants are individuals who put products up for sale while affiliates sell the products and earn commissions from each sale.

It is a platform where retailers can come and build their affiliate programs on. On the ShareASale website, you will find two big buttons for login and/or signup actions, one of which is for merchants and the other for affiliates. If you are looking to become a merchant (to offer products on their website), simply click on the blue merchant login or click on “I want to be one of these merchants”. The moment you sign up as a merchant, you gain automatic access to the network of potential affiliates across the globe.

These affiliates will form your sales force and you only pay them when you start to make sales. This will be a great opportunity for retailers to make additional income. Other than following the track sales, there isn’t much to do as soon as the program is up and running. There are various reasons for which you should be using ShareASale Affiliate network as there are a vast variety of helpful features available to merchants, ranging from real-time tracking to welcome kit, programs diagnostics, Merchant API, segmentation, training webinars and several other features.

Real-time tracking:

In ShareASale, all the statistics and tracking on the website are done in real-time, meaning that you are aware of every sale the very moment a customer makes a purchase. In fact, you can follow traffic data in real-time alongside commissions generated so you can quickly see clicks on banners, as they come, as well as where the traffic is coming from.

Welcome Kit:

Every merchant new to ShareASale will be given access to a step-by step checklist alongside instructions on how to properly build their affiliate program.

Programs diagnostics:

A sleek feature designed to help you get professional help from the ShareASale client services team! Using a 10 point check that focuses on the essential performance metrics and parameters, the team will thoroughly go through your program.

Merchant API:

The Merchant API is mainly for advanced merchants. It makes for void/edit transactions; updates automated reporting data retrieval and so on. The Merchant API is very useful for automating certain actions and for deeper integration.


Tags are made available to you in the event that you might want to organize and group affiliates in diverse ways. This will help you keep track of specific groups of affiliates more intricately and deliver quality content. You are able to set up commissions to be rule-based, featuring specific criteria and strain of actions to be taken so that an affiliate can earn a commission.

Segmentation also makes it possible for you to create custom newsletters depending on tags, make private coupons for each and every group, and also send out bonuses to the most successful group(s) of affiliates.

Training Webinars: There are many online training classes available to merchants who would like to be well versed with the network, from the basics to the more advanced topics.

2. Affiliates

Affiliates are individuals with excellent social skills, good online presence and social media following. Usually, they have their own blog or website as well as excellent social/marketing skills which they put into serious use as affiliate marketers.

In order to gain access to a reliable affiliate program, one of the most ideal ways is to join affiliate networks like ShareASale. The chances of finding products best suited to your blog theme are very high, as ShareASale features nearly 3,900 affiliate programs in 40 different categories. They are pretty serious about their affiliate programs, considering the fact that merchants are sternly required to pay a significant amount of money to be featured.

As an affiliate, your job is to place merchant’s banners on your site in order to generate traffic and potential sales. Affiliates get paid per click, lead or sale, based on the affiliate program requirements that they agree to. It is important for you to know that only the statistics provided by ShareASaleare valid for determining earnings.

One of the most interesting details is that every single page where you promote ShareASale, links or banners, must be written in English Language. There are two levels of affiliate memberships available, they are: Full and Limited. As soon as you join, you are automatically on the limited level, meaning that you can earn commissions only from pay per sales and pay per lead programs. After you receive your first check, you become a full member, gaining access to pay-per-click programs too. Additionally, one of the requirements to becoming a full member is having a top-level domain.

Is ShareASale Secure?

ShareASale is very secure to join, as it pre-screens every single affiliate that joins the site, thereby increasing the overall security of your program. As a merchant, you are not under obligation to resolve any issue whatsoever that affiliates might be facing, as there is an affiliate helpdesk available at all times, free of charge to merchants.

ShareASale also provides integrated services to merchants that will help in crafting their strategy, ensuring they are using the best practices. The services include access to affiliate tools like data feeds, widgets and videos, creation of various banners used for promotion which can be seasonal, implementation and structuring of recruitment campaigns.

ShareASale serves every button, text link and even banner, all for you. As a merchant, you are authorized to upload the products data at no additional cost at all. If you wish, you can authorize affiliates to download your data sale via ShareASaleFTP server.

Why You Need to Use ShareASale

ShareASale is not only one of the most popular affiliate networks but is trustworthy as well. It has been in business for several years and will be of immense help to you if you are a merchant selling products online and looking forward to boosting your sales reach.

Additionally, you get to sign up as an affiliate since ShareASale is an affiliate network. As a marketer or entrepreneur, this will open you up to new opportunities if you are looking to make profit online through marketing various products as well as services via diverse channels like blogs and websites.

One of the most compelling features of ShareASale is the fact that it’s easy to utilize and navigate. It has a full-featured interface which looks somewhat complex at first sight but is easy to get acclimatized to and acquainted with. The interface is so simple to grasp that you can seamlessly slide through the entire thing after just a short while of exploring.

The search functions are user-friendly, as they are designed to speed up your merchant search and so on. It is a known fact that Affiliate Marketing Campaigns can quickly and easily take a negative turn in the eventuality that you do not have access to quality/reliable reporting features.

Fortunately, ShareAsale contains a vast variety of tools for generating various reports that will give you satisfactory information concerning the progress of your campaigns. Additionally, the affiliate marketing network makes it possible for you to modify the reports such that it displays only information that you wish to see.

Compared to other affiliate marketing networks, a number of users may find ShareASale’s payment threshold quite high. While other affiliates have thresholds as low as $10, ShareASale will usually wait until their commissions get to or go past $50 before they can receive their money. Most users may not have an issue with this, but can we say the same for newbies? If you are still new to affiliate marketing, it is important for you to know that ShareAsale offers affiliate services where you can work alongside their affiliate development team in order to get a hang of how everything works and to smoothen your path to becoming a good affiliate marketer.

If you ever get confused or lost in the numerous affiliate programs, they can suggest the best merchants with whom you can partner. Furthermore, classes are organized as well as webinars and monthly newspapers, so you can stay updated with the affiliate marketing industry.

This will help you grow to attain your full potential as an affiliate marketer. Another downside of ShareASale is the fact that its affiliates are not notified of closure in the event that a particular merchant’s programs are shut down as a result of lack of funds or some unavoidable causes.

ShareASale is user friendly, even if you own multiple websites. This implies that you necessarily have to apply to separate merchants for each of the websites that you own. All you have to do is list all your websites in the text box provided for you, pin-pointing the most important ones as well as descriptions for each of them.

Another great feature of ShareASale is the ability to provide its users with a comfortable experience using the ‘search’ function. With ShareASale, finding the perfect affiliate program for you is super easy, since there are options that allow you to search merchants by keywords, category and merchant status as well as the exact time a merchant joined the ShareASales’s network.

Additionally, the ‘PowerRank’ feature makes it possible for you to search for the top 100 merchants, depending on a variety of factors. In fact, you can sort merchants alphabetically, according to sales commission amount, hit the commission amount, by name or even a 7 to 30-day EPC.

Regardless of the category of your blog or website, ShareASale has you covered. On it, you will find numerous products to promote, including those related to fitness, sports, real estate, games, food and drinks, music, art, automotives, health, gifts, books and media, computers, clothing, fashion, toys, photography, general web services and lots more.

This affiliate marketing network also makes available a wide array of excellent tools designed to help you in your campaigns. Worthy of note also is the fact that they offer real-time tracking that automatically alerts you immediately a banner is clicked, a sale is made and a commission is generated.

The reporting tools gives you a vast variety of options with which you can generate reports for today’s stats, CSV as well as transaction details. ShareASale makes it possible for you to customize your affiliate links and turn any of your deep links into shortened URLs, making it more eye-catching to your visitors.

You can enable the ‘Socialbar’, making it very easy for any visitor currently viewing your link to share it via email or social media. For users who are more advanced, the Affiliate API will allow you to pull various reports and search for new merchants, query for product links and a lot more.

ShareASale Review Conclusion

ShareASale may not be the best affiliate marketing network right now, but it lives up to its name or at least does every single thing it says it can. Spanning over 15 years in the industry, it has the capacity to help you monetize your blog/website successfully, thanks to its excellent reporting functions and, friendly-user interface and helpful tools. What’s more? You don’t have to pay a dime to utilize it. In the eventuality that you find yourself stuck, rest assured that ShareASale is only a call/email away.

I am Chris, thanks for reading my ShareASale Review. I want to hear what you think. Please leave me your comment in the comment section below. I will reply to you as soon as I can. Please share.

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