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The Jaaxy Affiliate Program Review

Jaaxy is one of the most popular affiliate programs in the business community. It offers a recurring revenue opportunity to its affiliates and payment is made as at when due. The co-owners have been in the affiliate marketing business for more than a decade.

There are numerous ways to earn money online, and one of the good ways to achieve online success is to become an affiliate marketer. And Jaaxy is one of the most promising affiliate programs in the online business world. Therefore, try reading this review down the page; and you’ll learn more about the revenue potential with Jaaxy and how you can leverage it.

Name of the Company: Jaaxy

Website URL:

  • Co-founders: Kyle and Carson
  • Years in operation: 12+ years
  • Support: 7
  • Product efficiency: 9
  • Niche Research: 10
  • Keyword Research: 10
  • Site Rank analysis: 10
  • Competition analysis: 10
  • Domain search: 10
  • Price – Enterprise: $99/month. Pro: $49/month. Starter: free.

My overall ranking: 9 out of 10

Program Overview

With the Jaaxy affiliate program, you can start earning recurring commissions as an affiliate whether you’re joining as an enterprise or pro member. 

Jaaxy offers a good reward system such that you can stand the chance of earning some considerable amount of revenue no matter what the membership package you’re joining with. While there are hundreds of affiliate programs out there, Jaaxy is one of the best programs for both the newbie and veteran entrepreneurs.

Aside from being able to earn affiliate revenue, Jaaxy is a niche and keyword research tool. So, whether you are just joining or you’ve been in the system for some time, Jaaxy will help you pick the right niche for your dream website. It helps you come up with some low-competition keywords that will ensure you can create quality content to satisfy readers’ appetites.

You can evaluate your website ranking status and analyze your competition. You can also brainstorm some topic ideas and come up with the right topic for your next article.

Jaaxy Affiliate Program Revenue

As said earlier, whether you’re a pro or enterprise member, Jaaxy will let you earn a considerable amount of affiliate revenue by referring people to the different membership packages. The amount of revenue you’ll earn from the affiliate program depends on the membership package each referral chooses to buy. And aside from the basic cost of the membership package, no hidden charge is taken.

Now, let’s analyze how you earn commissions from your referrals below:

  • You earn $20 in monthly recurring commissions or $200 in yearly commissions per enterprise membership referral.
  • You earn $28 monthly recurring commissions or $80 in yearly commissions per pro membership referral.

The Effectiveness in Jaaxy Affiliate Program

Once you’ve successfully built your site with lots of quality and informative content and have started earning a steady flow of organic traffic, you can then consider monetizing it with affiliate programs like Jaaxy and others.

Let’s have a look into the effectiveness of Jaaxy affiliate program. Let’s find out the revenue potential of this program. For example:

Assuming you refer three people on a daily basis through your affiliate link, and 12 percent of these people eventually upgrade their accounts to the pro membership package, and they stay active for not less than six months as pro members, you would have built a monthly revenue of $5,000+.

Payments in Jaaxy Affiliate Program

You receive payment via PayPal on the first day of every month. Jaaxy has never failed in disbursing payments to its affiliates as at when due since inception.

All you have to do to ensure you get paid on the pay day is update your WA payment settings, choosing your minimum threshold and entering your PayPal email address. The minimum threshold you can choose from the list is currently $10.

Jaaxy Links & Tracking

When you become part of the Jaaxy affiliate program (either as an enterprise or pro member), you’ll be given a unique affiliate link through which you can promote the program and earn recurring commissions.

You can always find your affiliate link through the links & tracking page and it’s completely unique to you. This link is used to track your referrals and generate you commissions when any of your referrals upgrades to the pro or enterprise membership package.

Benefits of Jaaxy Affiliate program

What I cherish in the Jaaxy affiliate program is that it has a powerful revenue potential and it’s a great way of earning cool and consistent revenue online. Kyle and Carson have been extremely awesome and honest with the payment system. 

What are the Things I use Jaaxy for?

  • I use Jaaxy keyword tool to search for low-competition keywords for all of my content. It’s awesome and easy to use and a good number of low hanging fruit keywords are suggested along with my search phrase.
  • I used Jaaxy to find the right niche for my online business. I have seen many people that found it so difficult to come up with the right niche for their website, but that’s not the case with Jaaxy. You can get an unlimited number of niches related to your passion and can choose without any limit.
  • I leveraged Jaaxy to find available domains for my niche sites.
  • It helps to find several affiliate programs to promote and earn from.
  • Jaaxy helps me get a competitive edge over my competitors’ rankings.
  • The Site Rank feature of Jaaxy helps me track my rankings on Google, Bing and Yahoo. I can’t express how great I feel when I am sent an email notification that one of my blog posts has been found in Google, or when I got to know that I’ve ranked some of my posts. Jaaxy makes me feel happy when these things happen.

The Support and Training in Jaaxy Affiliate Program

Jaaxy gives training and support in four video resources to walk you through the whole program.

  • Jaaxy website Analysis and Research
  • Jaaxy Keyword Management and Research
  • The Jaaxy Affiliate Program Walk-Through
  • Niche Research Clarification

Jaaxy also gives three bonus resources in three PDF guides.

  • Bonus #1: Keyword, Niches, Success
  • Bonus #2: 1000 low competition, High Traffic keywords
  • Bonus #3: Secrets of the Domain Industry

Let me use this medium to inform you that there’s an alternative way to join Jaaxy without spending a dime and that lets you have access to all the training and support required for coming up with your virtual real estate. This alternative way trains you on how you can build a personal website in simple steps and get all the support alongside.

This way is known as Wealthy Affiliate; it’s an online business community whereby you can get all the tools and resources needed to become a successful online entrepreneur even without spending a dime. Wealthy Affiliate has all you need to build a multi-million dollar brand of your own as well as earn financial freedom in a lifetime.

It has a live chat platform whereby you can ask questions and get numerous answers from other members who are passionate and willing to help others succeed online.

Jaaxy Tools

  • Niche Research: Jaaxy offers training on how to find highly profitable niches in minutes. If you want to learn how to come up with the right niche, Jaaxy will walk you through that process.
  • Keyword Research: Jaaxy is the most advanced yet the simplest keyword research tool in the industry. Do you want to learn how to come up with the right keywords using Jaaxy? There are a lot of training resources within the WA platform that will give you maximum exposure forthat.
  • Site Rank Analysis: If you want to evaluate the rank of every blog post on your website, Jaaxy can let you find all of that easily.
  • Competition Analysis: Jaaxy enables you to find low hanging fruit keywords that will let you have opportunities to rank on the first page of search engines. It lets you analyze your competitors’ rankings and keywords.
  • Domain Search: Jaaxy also enables you to find available domains for your niche sites.

Jaaxy Rates

Pro Membership Package:

Pro Membership is $49 per month! This is the greatest option for a new site where you do not need all professional yet some integrated features for your website. If you’re a pro member, you’ll have unending keyword searches within the Jaaxy network.

Starter Membership:

Starter membership is Free! This is the package that allows you trying the program for free for a certain period of time when you’ll have mastered the use of the tool. In this package, you get 30 free keyword searches.

Enterprise Membership: $99 per month!

This particular package is meant for entrepreneurs who are really dedicated to their online business and want to keep their business sites running professionally. This package is more efficient and faster because it uses automation in all respects and offers greater capacity for each of the features. 

The Pros:

  • Jaaxy is a honest and legit affiliate program
  • Jaaxy is bigger than just an affiliate program – it has the most integrated keyword research tool, Site Ranking, Competition Analysis, and Domain Search. So, it’s worth the price.
  •  Jaaxy is so proficient that once you have it in your toolkits, you may not have to leverage any other similar tool for finding niches, keywords, site rankings, and domains.

The Cons:

  • It does not offer a live chat session on its own unless you sign up via WA.
  • Jaaxy doesn’t offer new training or video resources unless you sign up via WA. So, it is restricted to the PDF guides and video resources it offers only.
  • You don’t earn referral commissions as a free Jaaxy member.

Who is Jaaxy Affiliate Program Meant for?

The Jaaxy Affiliate Program is meant for anyone from anywhere in the world, from beginners to affiliate marketing professionals. It covers everybody’s needs as far as keyword and niche research is concerned. While planning to promote the affiliate program of Jaaxy, it’s good to run that on a personal website.

With a personal website, you can earn as much as your blog traffic permits you. So, if you’re serious about making money online, try building out quality content on your blog and do it on a consistent basis. It is that consistency that matters in rocking a business blog and ranking better in search engine results pages. Why? Search engines love the freshness factor – meaning – when your site is updated with fresh content consistently, you’ll pull tons of organic traffic to that blog over time.

Bonus Offer in Jaaxy

If you sign up to Wealthy Affiliate as a free starter, you’ll automatically become a free Jaaxy member as well. If you want to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate and the numerous benefits it offers to potential affiliates, try reading my review about Wealthy Affiliate.

However, you’ll earn more benefits by upgrading your free starter to the premium package. As a premium member of WA, you’ll become a Lite member of Jaaxy automatically without spending a dime. This is a version of Jaaxy worth $19 per month, but you’re given that as a bonus for becoming a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate.

As a Jaaxy Lite member, you enjoy features such as 25 saved keyword lists, unlimited keyword searches, 10 alphabetical soup results, and 100 Site Rank scans.

Jaaxy Affiliate Program Walk-Through Video Resource

To learn more about the Jaaxy Affiliate Program and how it can be leveraged to earn unlimited revenue, you’ll have access to the video resource where Kyle teaches how to leverage Jaaxy and make the most out of it.

If you really want to have financial freedom, you should consider joining the Wealthy Affiliate community in order to enjoy the Lite Jaaxy membership package as a premium member of WA for free.

My Final Conclusion About Jaaxy

Jaaxy is just one of the most viable affiliate marketing programs out there because it is honest, legit, and bigger than just a common affiliate program. Aside from being an affiliate marketing platform, it is a tool for finding niches and keywords, evaluating site rank, and analyzing competitors’ rankings. 

I am Chris. I want to hear what you think. Please leave me your comment in the comment section below. I will reply to you as soon as I can. Please share.

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