18 Best Passive Income Podcasts to Help You Grow Your business

18 Best Passive Income Podcasts to Help You Grow Your business

To some veteran bloggers out there, podcasting seems like a hobby, whereas this isn’t so anymore. Today, podcasting has helped brands grow and profit faster than others who don’t take it as a powerful blogging instrument to pull a huge crowd of people.

In this tutorial, I’ll share with you some illustrations of how several folks have leveraged their various podcasts to either launch a brand-new business or build an existing one.

I started my first podcast a couple of years ago and now, I rise daily with several emails from folks sharing testimonies of how those podcasts have impacted their lives positively. This always means a lot to me when I see those emails flooding my inbox every day.

Though it hasn’t been an easy task so far, I must say I’ve just been doing it out of passion. I do create based on my interest and it doesn’t feel like much work.

I do train some students and I always delight in sharing their success stories. It makes me feel honored to see that they’re becoming successful at doing what they never thought they could do.

Here are 18 of the best digital marketing podcasts to help you become a successful business owner and online marketer:

1. Marketing Over Coffee

As the name sounds, this excellent podcast is literally shot in one of those coffee stores in Boston and is directly hosted by Christopher Penn and John Wall.

Though the voice quality is informal, the content delivered is amazingly helpful and informative. It’s created weekly and both John and Chris speak in all presentations – from traditional marketing tactics to fresh methods for the contemporary online marketing world, from the SEO technicalities to the most recent trends which should be implemented as a personal tactic.

And the most awesome thing about this 20-minute marketing podcast is that they embrace queries from listeners and engage with the significant ones on air.

2. Duct Tape Marketing

If some people must be on your list of online marketing influencers, John Jantsch has to be one of them, the brain behind this particular podcast. These are marketing experts that you canlearn the proven marketing tips from. John interviewed thought leaders like Neil Patel and Pat Flynn and other industry authoritative leaders, who contributed their internet marketing tips and skills.

If you’re a novice in some of those marketing tactics, then this should be an awesome podcast you have to listen to. From the onset of online marketing to advanced strategies such as SEO and content marketing tactics, John will handle all of these for you.

3. Mad Marketing

Mad Marketing is hosted by Marcus Sheridan, an online marketer that is well-known for the content and inbound marketing firm called The Sales Lion.

Everybody knows how crucial search engine optimization and other Google search algorithms are for marketing this time around, but with new changes coming around, newbie marketers always come up with lots of queries – wish they could have direct access to some authorities.

Mad Marketing is, of course, one of the top-rated online marketing podcasts out there as it encourages engagement with Marcus himself and listeners. Marcus is someone who deeply breathes it, acts it, and lives it – responding to them.

If you don’t have the knowledge of search algorithms and how they impact your marketing endeavors, the podcast hosted by Marcus is the right choice for you.

4. TED Talks Daily

TED Talks Daily is a popular podcast which has been listened to by many people out there. When it comes to building a well-established business, you’ll need TED Talks. It’s an essential podcast for you to listen to.

These are intense and amusing all at once, and so far they aren’t discrete to online marketing, this particular podcast talks about most of the world’s top thinkers and doers that present motivational speeches to motivate you. These speakers usually go extra miles in the speeches they deliver. They give just more than the fundamentals and share their thoughts and expertise.

Some of the most proficient internet marketing experts, like Godin Seth and many others, have featured on TED Talks. Simply visit their web pages and get yourself entertained.

5. Social Media Marketing

The Social Media Marketing podcast is hosted by the online marketing guru called Michael Stelzner. In that podcast, Michael Stelzner entertained honorable guests from different parts of the world. As the name sounds, this online marketing podcast is just beyond sharing the most recent news on social channels and talking about them to better utilize social media.

In this podcast, you’ll learn about some of the most recent marketing tactics and then ensure you effectively implement them with the host walking you through. Social Media Marketing is a weekly podcast, thus, try listening to it to ensure you develop your new business and become highly successful in it. That’s guaranteed with Social Media Marketing.

6. Online Marketing Made Easy

Online Marketing Made Easy is yet another informative and helpful marketing podcast that is hosted by Amy Porterfield, a prolific internet marketing strategist. In her podcast, she gave a lot of advice on the best way to get started with an ideal online business, build a mailing list, increase conversions, and boost sales.

She also came up with mini online marketing mastermind groups and detailed guides to help you build up a successful marketing brand online. She has featured several intuitions from authority guests, like Rick Mulready and Russell Brunson.

7. School of Marketing by Neil Patel & Eric Siu

This is an informative podcast hosted by Eric Siu and Neil Patel. It’s a daily, short and actionable online marketing podcast which contains several digital marketing lessons that they’ve single-handedly learned over the past decades of being in the business.

Whether you’re just starting up a new business website or you’ve already got an already established one, you’re going to learn the most recent tactics and tips on social media, search engine optimization, digital marketing, content marketing, email marketing, conversion optimization, and several other marketing strategies that best suffice today. Marketing School with Eric Siuand Neil Patel is one of the best digital marketing podcasts available online.

8. The Smart Passive Income Podcast

Whether you’re a newbie or struggling veteran blogger, you’ll be interested in listening to this particular digital marketing podcast. The award-winning and top-rated marketing podcast is hosted by Flynn Pat, an experienced online entrepreneur and blogger from the Smart Passive Income Blog, who is so committed to helping other people earn passive income from an ideal online business.

Pat shares his personal blogging and internet marketing tactics with all listeners, together with his killer online marketing tactics and sources of income to help others come up with multiple streams of passive income while working from the comfort of their homes.

9. Copyblogger FM

If you just need a marketing podcast that will help you develop your writing and content marketing skills, then you’ve found the right podcast today. CopyBlogger FM will bail you out both on your Smartphone and, of course, in your mind.

A team of shifting experts together with Sonia Simone delivers the week’s updates and news in online marketing, treating topic ideas such as email marketing, conversion optimization, content marketing, copywriting, and many more.

10. Call to Action

This is another great and informative business podcast known as Call to Action and hosted not just by an individual online entrepreneur but by one of the top digital marketing firms that help create squeeze pages for site owners. If you wish to effectively learn how to come up with a prosperous online marketing campaign, Call to Action is meant for someone like you.

They do invite digital marketing authorities as guest speakers on stage who teach people how to turn leads into buying customersfor your firm and exponentially increase the Return on Investment of your business initial outlay. Try listening to Callto Action on Wednesdays for an informative podcast presentation on online marketing.

11. Entrepreneur on Fire

Entrepreneur on Fire is another special digital marketing podcast that is hosted by John Lee Dumas and it only takes about 30 minutes.

John interviews prosperous small business entrepreneurs who range from tech partnership business owners to single entrepreneurs so as to explore most of their marketing skills in full. Entrepreneur on Fire is deeply tailored towards interviewing strategists and each of the episodes gives in-depth intuition into particular industries.

12. Eventual Millionaire

Eventual Millionaire is hosted by the business expert called Jaime Masters, who interviews both young and old millionaire entrepreneurs to make them dish out their largest successes and failures. Jaime Masters has organized more than 350 podcast interviews in the last few years.

The podcast lasts for 45 minutes and many newbie entrepreneurs have been helped seriously to develop expertise in digital marketing.

13. Business Insanity Talk Radio

Business Insanity Talk Radio is one of the best digital marketing podcasts hosted by Barry Moltz and it lasts for just 60 minutes. Barry is one of my go-to online marketing experts. He has succeeded at establishing and managing several small enterprises for the past two decades.

In the podcast, you’ll learn that Barry interviews several entrepreneurs about the insanity of managing a small business. He actually interviews up to 5 guests on every episode of his podcast and produces an episode on a weekly basis.

14. The Introvert Entrepreneur

The Introvert Entrepreneur (hosted by Beth Buelow) is a popular podcast that was specifically created for all introverts who are deeply interested in becoming successful online entrepreneurs.

The podcast talks about business and life from the point of view of most introverts while at the same time gives helpful finance, marketing, and several other online marketing related tactics.The podcast lasts for 30-45 minutes.

15. The $100 MBA Show

The $100 MBA Show is an online business podcast that mainly targets practicable online marketing tips rather than organizeslong interviews all the time. The podcast is hosted by the popular business entrepreneur called Omar Zenhom and it lasts for about 10 minutes.

Omar gets lots of skills by interviewing guests and he does share some of his personal skills and experience in the online marketing world. The timely and tight business podcast constantly provides helpful and practicable tips for the success of most businesses.

16. Real Money Talks

Real Money Talks is one of the best online marketing podcasts out there. It lasts for just 30 minutes and is hosted by Loral Langmeyer, a business entrepreneur who is always on the business mission to raise, empower, and sensitize potential business entrepreneurs and most others on the best way to vital money talks that are simple, straightforward, and applicable to all areas of human life.

She is meant to educate her listeners and help them on the best way to become financially free in a lifetime.

17. Support is Sexy

Support is Sexy is another online business podcast hosted by Elayne Fluker, a well-known content writer and online marketer,and it usually lasts for 50 minutes.

She trains strong, motivational female entrepreneurs who share their efforts, success stories, and marketing tactics with other people to learn from.

18. The EntreLeadership Podcast

The EntreLeadership Podcast is a podcasting resource hosted by Ken Coleman, an online business podcast that is simply anextract from EntreLeadership, one of the bestselling books of Ramsey.

The main focus of the podcast is on business and leadership. Celebrities in the online business industry are also interviewed and these include people like Seth Godin, Mark Cuban, and many others. The major goal of this podcast is to raise successful online entrepreneurs, their teamwork, and Return on Investment (ROI).


While you’re aiming for a higher Return on Investment, you need to start working on your first podcast and here is a list of 18 best podcasters that are ready to straighten you in thebusiness world.

Most of these talked-about podcasters are passionate about helping other people become highly-successful business entrepreneurs and you can visit their pages to learn from their years of experience in this world of business opportunities.

Thanks for reading my blog post.

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