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15 Proven Ways to Drive Website Traffic

The challenge most people face is not about setting up a site or perhaps starting out a personal blog; it’s simply about driving website traffic. If you’re a struggling veteran blogger, you’ve probably tried out several digital marketing tactics yourself but haven’t been satisfied with the results.

Why? In the modern day world, we’ve got a lot of information online teaching the various ways to drive website. Today, there are thousands of bloggers out there teaching the numerous SEO best practices and how you can implement them to boost your site traffic. However, people try implementing some of the strategies learned about online, but to no avail.

So, what do you have to do? Where do you have to return? How do you get visitors to check out what you’re doing on your blog out of the millions of niche-related blogs out there? The fact is that it’s now more challenging to get noticed.

To stand out from the millions of blogs in your industry, you must follow some blogging fundamentals. It’s not just about implementing some of the recently-mentioned ways of getting traffic, or trying to game the Google Algorithm changes to the detriment of your site. It’s about following the pros in your industry, learning what do every day for getting traffic, and scaling the most working traffic sources for your website.

Are you worried about the term “Authority”? Yes, you cannot move an inch in search results if you’re not building relationships with industry authority bloggers or creating bonds with influencers. Google will not trust your brand and you won’t see improvements in your PageRank.

Once you’ve gone back to the basics and have understood what it takes to come up with a traffic-driving strategy, you’ll start seeing changes in your website traffic and money will start streaming in before you know it. The strategies I am talking about include social media marketing, SEO, email marketing, forum posting, and all of that.

While it’s great to generate quality traffic, without activating an opt-in email subscription form and driving those leads into a sales funnel, you’ll realize you’ve been wasting all the traffic. You need to learn how to convert the one-time visitors into active subscribers and buying customers.

Once you’ve figured out the various techniques for driving customers and turning them into buying customers, you’ll start seeing a traffic increase on your landing page, blog, and website.

Getting to Understand Your Traffic Sources

Generally, there are two major ways to drive website traffic: The free and paid traffic sources! The free traffic sources include content writing, social media, search engine optimization, and all of that. The traffic sources include the Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Bing Advertising and so on.

With the paid traffic sources, you’ll need to understand things like tracking of links to find out how much it costs to make a sale, conversion rates, and so on, otherwise, you’ll fail at doing it.

However, the more composed you are, the more likely you’ll be to become successful with any of those traffic techniques. So, the most important thing is how you’re scaling your traffic. How are you tracking your traffic to know which method is driving more visitors?

The best and simplest way to keep track of your traffic is by using Google Analytics. This isn’t just about installing Analytics on your site or adding the tracking code or ID. But it boils down to leveraging the Urchin Tracking Module (UTM), which is exactly related to the former Analytics system acquired by Google itself to come up with its own tracking tools.

How to Drive Traffic to Your Site

You need to keep track of where your traffic is being generated from so you can scale it and improve in that area. Thus, when you receive tons of traffic to a site, blog, or any page, make concerted efforts to track it and, then scale it to keep getting more traffic through that source.

The most vital thing about keeping track of your traffic is leveraging conversion pixels which will help you figure out how much, specifically, it costs you to get a sale. For instance, let’s say you’ve just spent $500 on Twitter Ads, which brought about 1000 clicks, but don’t know which of these clicks has lead into a sale, you’ve only wasted your $500 into the thin air.

Assuming you got 50 sales out of the 1000 clicks, which you tracked using a Facebook conversion pixel! The 50 sales resulted in $1500 revenue. Thus, your $500 investment has just driven $1500 in sales. This is a generic illustration, but when you are able to keep track of your Ads or other marketing activities, you’ll be able to know what pays off and what doesn’t.

If you spend $500 to make $1500 in revenue, you earned $3 for every $1 spent on advertising. Carry out more tests; try scaling your endeavors leveraging the 80/20 rule, or the Pareto rule, which states that 4/5 of your outcome come from 1/5 of your efforts.

Search Engine Traffic Techniques

In driving organic traffic, you’re not going to spend a dollar on advertising. It’s a sort of traffic that you naturally generate without spending a dime. The only thing it requires is that you must trade your time, energy and resources to build and make it happen.

And since we all know time is more precious than money, there may still be a need to incur some significant expenses anyway.

#1 – Implement Quality SEO

If you’re not yet familiar with SEO, you’re doing yourself a lot of harm. Immerse yourself into the SEO best practices so youcan make the most out of it in driving organic traffic to your site in no distant time.

Without going contrary to Google’s terms of service, learn the basics of SEO and supercharge your website traffic on time.

#2 – Write High-Quality Content

According to Bill Gates, content is KING. As long as you continue producing more quality content on your blog, you’ll keep your audience coming back to read posts on your site.

Once they’re done reading and they enjoy your write-up, they won’t hesitate to share your content on social media. Thus, the more helpful your content is, the more engaging it will be when visitors read. They’ll share your posts on your behalf, promoting your website on autopilot.

#3 Help People Answer their Questions on Quora

Quora is one of the best media to drive tons of traffic to your website. You simply answer other people’s questions on the platform and link strategic key phrases to posts on your blog or website. However, you mustn’t be caught spamming this platform, otherwise, you can lose posting privileges.

While using Quora, you must ensure you give quality answers to those questions and be sure of what you’re doing.

#4 – Come up with Quality YouTube Video Tutorials

YouTube is another awesome resource for getting free search engine traffic on your blog. It could probably be due to the fact that YouTube is owned by Google itself and it is known as the second most famous search engine in the online world. So, getting a lot of exposure on YouTube could be fantastic.

Come up with helpful videos and tutorials that will add great value to your readers’ business and make sure to link to your blog posts in the description.

#5 – Leverage Instagram

Instagram is popularly known as a great social media platformfor sharing images and building connections with other people from all walks of life. Yet, only the few understand how to use itto drive tons of traffic to their sites.

As a matter of fact, so many people out there have come up with multi-million dollar brands of their own by leveraging this great medium as their major technique for driving website traffic.

#6 – Leverage the Publishing Platform of LinkedIn

The publishing platform of LinkedIn is yet another wondrous technique for running content marketing for your potential virtual real estate. Create high-quality, unique and original posts on LinkedIn that give true value to readers.

While posting on the publishing platform of LinkedIn, don’t forget to link those posts to anchor texts on your site to gain the all-vital authority links to your primary content.

#7 Publish Content on Medium

Medium is another great platform that is used to market a website or blog and it’s a high PR content management system (CMS) or blogging platform like WordPress anyone can leverage to build out content.

Make the most out of Medium to build out insightful content in order to do some marketing and link back to the main posts on your blog or website.

#8 – Leverage Email Marketing

Email marketing is a working technique to drive traffic to your blog or website, and to introduce exclusive offers to your ideal audience. It implies that you need to build a mailing list to which you’ll be sending promotional offers.

Come up with a Tripwire offer and create a sales funnel if you have not yet done that before. Thus, with a list, you can easily introduce promotional offers that are of value to your audience.

#9 – Update Older Posts On Your Site

When you refresh older posts, it helps a lot in driving traffic to your blog. Some content might be out of date, so you’d have to check on them and update such. When done, it boosts the traffic on your site.

You don’t have to re-write the entire content. You just have to check into it and modify where necessary, then hit the Update button. This can potentially help increase organic traffic to your blog or website.

#10 – Create a Free Digital Course

Coming up with a free digital course is another viable technique for driving traffic to your blog. You can leverage platforms like Teachable, Udemy or similar websites to achieve that.

While using such platforms to create free online courses, ensure to link students from there to some more relevant content on your own blog or site.

#11 – Focus on Mobile Usability

Are you serious about building traffic? You must make sure your site is mobile-optimized. To be sure of that, make use of the Page Insights Tool. This tool will help you run tests on how mobile-friendly your website is with users and search engines.

Also, try to structure all of your content to ensure that they are all Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) – identification ready.

#12 – Come up with Free Webinars

Organizing a series of free webinars can offer an excellent medium for driving website traffic. Your sales presentation can be automated with platforms such as GoToWebinar, Demio and many others out there.

Leverage the time to present value while also linking users to your website and its blog posts alongside any exclusive offer.

#13 – Create Valuable Content on Reddit

Reddit is another great medium that is used to drive qualitytraffic to a website. It’s a famous social media platform whereby you simply share helpful info and build engagement in chats with hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life.

Reddit is extremely famous, which is what makes the website so helpful for increasing search visibility on the web.

Paid Traffic Techniques

Obviously, running paid advertising is a great way to drive a lot of traffic to a blog or website. Some of the paid traffic sources that are most promising include Facebook Ads, InstagramAdvertising, and others.

#14 – Buy Facebook Advertising

If you want to get huge traffic from paid advertising, FacebookAds is one of the few platforms you may want to consider trying out.

So far you can come up with an exciting offer that will attract the ideal audience, you can be sure of getting lots of traffic and even conversions.

#15 Use Instagram Advertising

One of the most amazing things on Instagram is that it has a way in which you can earn revenue placing advertisements on your social network. This is an excellent way to reach out to a lot of your audience.

Through this platform, you are offered a targeted technique to reach out to a large number of potential clients who will likely purchase products or services you either help others promote or own.

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