10 Best Platforms to Get Paid Teaching English from Home

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10 Best Platforms to Get Paid Teaching English from Home

Teaching is constantly a creative activity. Have you ever got splendid with virtual English tutors? Ever sensed you could do the same? 

Then, you’ve got the most amazing chance here to earn teaching English online.

Just decide to make money teaching English online if you can; chances are ever-present. There are a lot of platforms where you can showcase your skills as a virtual English tutor. Some of them are listed in this tutorial today; probably you can get started with one or more of them in earnest.

Are you on the lookout for legit ways to earn passive income from home? Could you likely imagine you can earn a passive income simply by working as a virtual English teacher?

Do you know you can start earning $70-$100 an hour teaching English online from the comfort of your home? Would you want the job done on a full-time or part-time basis? This is completely up to you, not to anyone else. 

Based on your personal readiness, commitment, or endeavors, you can earn a decent amount of income passively teaching English online. You can even be accepted on some platforms to do this job without studying English in college, while some platforms will require a degree certificate in the field of English Language to qualify to teach English.

The tutorial will list some of the best platforms to get paid teaching English from home. Having basic knowledge of some languages is an open door to wisdom and this starts first with English. And English is known as the universally accepted language

Most enterprises and eminent firms in the business world know the significance of English language and the channel through which the language made it feasible for them to reach international loftiness.

By becoming proficient in English language, it could be an added benefit to regional English speakers.

Of course, being a universally accepted language, English isn’t so accustomed to everyone out there. A lot of people are waiting out there to learn this language in the most prominent way.

If you’re a good English speaker or scholar, you can create cool videos for such people and earn money teaching them English language.

Check through the list of English teaching platforms below, select and join the one that interests you most. Then, analyze how much you can make from the platform and get started getting paid to teach English from home.

Making money isn’t going to be an issue if you simply have passion for what you’re doing.

10 best platforms to get paid teaching English online


Do you love teaching kid-related stuff? Are you a lover of kids and would like to teach the basic fundamentals of English suitable for kids? This is the best portal for you to earn doing that.

VIPKID is an online portal that pays people to teach kids fundamentals of English.

VIPKID pays roughly $20 an hour just for teaching kids basics of English. So, if you so desire, you can make around $1800-$2000 monthly from this online portal teaching kids English basics.

One thing is that you’ll be required to hold a university degree in English language or related courses to qualify to teach kids English basics in the platform.

The platform also requires you having very strong internet connectivity and a high definition computer.

Most importantly, if you’re not a resident of US or Canada, you’re not eligible to apply to be an English tutor on this platform. It’s not meant for all countries. It’s restricted to only US and Canada English tutors.

2. VerbalPlannet

VerbalPlannet is one of the most sought-after online platforms to get paid teaching English.

People who are ambitious to learn English and have been enrolled on this platform are millions in number. On VerbalPlannet, users can browse the site; prioritize their choice from the list of English tutors; and start courses for a specific charge.

To start teaching on this platform, you simply need to enroll yourself and upload your basic profile with important fields filled out. A popup will then appear shortly where you’ll be prompted to state the required fee for your own classes, and aspirants who are interested in your class requirement can choose your profile and join your classes.

Thus, ensure your profile goes in accordance with your expertise, accomplishments and the best possible fee for interested aspirants.

Always get comments and feedback in all ways from your online students. There’s a portal whereby online students post their feedback about their respective English tutors. If you can constantly get positive feedback from most of these students, you’ll stand the chance of being opted for by many students and you’ll earn a great deal of income passively.

As you continue to get the best possible feedback from aspirants, you’ll stand the possibility of boosting your search volume and will have yourself added in more priority lists of aspirants.

Do not worry if you’re not that good at English language for there’s an offer to teach other languages on the same portal. Which language are you good at? Once you’re done figuring that out, consider getting paid to teach that specific regional language on this platform without much of a stress.

Tools Needed:

Other than your laptop or personal computer, a workspace, video calling tool such as Skype and internet connectivity, there are no additional tools to be provided to start this job. 

The amount of income you can earn daily, weekly or monthly depends on your efficiency and working hours and you can get paid via PayPal.

3. Qkids

Qkids is yet another amazing portal to get paid teaching kids of age 6-12 years English basics.

Also, on this platform, you are only eligible to teach kids English if you’re resident in the US or Canada.

You must also have a college degree certificate or degree in view to qualify to teach and earn.

But the benefit on this platform is that college teachers, students and, of course, people who are passionate about teaching from home can get paid teaching English fundamentals.

Pay rates go from $15-$20 an hour. Qkids has a specific time frame for teachers, which is a minimum of 6 hours per week. So, if you know you want to teach on this platform, you must prepare to work a minimum of 6 hours weekly teaching kids.

4. Chegg Tutors

Ever had some difficulty in homework? Ever thought you’re in need of someone helping you do your assignment?

Chegg is a very famous portal where you can always get your assignments properly done and completed and aside from that, you can also get paid to teach other people English and other subjects.

You can teach a couple of subjects through this platform and select your teaching level and favorite subjects that you want to teach.

To start working as a tutor, simply enroll yourself as a Cheggteacher and begin working.

You’re paid a threshold of $20 an hour and tutors on this platform can earn at least $2000 monthly for teaching others from their respective fields of study.

Payment is disbursed monthly based on your working hours and efficiency, and there’s no failure or delay in getting tutors paid.

5. SameSpeak

 When it comes to finding a suitable platform to coach students from all parts of the world, SameSpeak is the right platform for you. SameSpeak is yet another platform that gets you paid to teach international students English.

On this platform too, students can, of course, choose who they want to attend classes with. Application can only be submitted via electronic mail. So, if you’re willing to teach English using this platform, send your application through email.

SameSpeak offers classes in sessions. And every session takes 30 minutes.

So, as an English tutor, you must take classes with each session lasting for 30 minutes. And you are also paid based on sessions taken. You can receive up to $10 per session. One of the ways to teach here is through the Skype platform (a video calling platform).

Here on SameSpeak, the payment threshold is $100, meaning that you don’t get paid yet until you’ve reached the minimum payout. Payment is made on a weekly basis via PayPal and is disbursed on Friday of every week. 

6. Cambly

When it comes to coaching people on mobile devices, Cambly is the right platform for you. The platform allows you to get paid teaching English language with the use of iOS or Android device applications.

The registration procedure is simple and you can become part of this platform without much of a stretch. What you simply have to do is download the application and fill out the registration form to enroll to the platform.

One amazing thing about Cambly is that you’re given the opportunity to organize your own teaching schedule and coach your aspirants based on your pre-uploaded video tutorial or organized schedule.

Building interaction is the maiden step to coach your aspirants in a more efficient way. You can simply chat and build rapport with them. With this application, you can directly chat with your aspirants through the student platform.

On Cambly, you’re paid $0.17 per minute of teaching which is equivalent to $10.20 an hour.

Here, on Cambly, payment is disbursed on a weekly basis via PayPal. This is the only payment mode they utilize on the platform to pay tutors.

7. iTutor

This is another platform which restricts participating countries to US, UK, and Canada only. So, if you’re residing in any of these countries, jobs are awaiting you.

Pay rates range from $16 to $25 an hour. So, the amount of income you can earn in any day, week or month depends on how many hours you’re willing spend teaching students online every day.

To become a tutor on this platform, you must submit a degree certificate in the subject field. Registration is completely free and is simple. Then, your application will be reviewed by the ITutor team members based on their own requirements and your criteria/documents. Once you’ve gone through this stage, you’re good to go. And you can start teaching your students.

8. EnglishHunt

EnglishHunt is a platform that only targets aspirants from Korea and Japan.

They have their main eligibility requirements for hiring people to teach their students. Classes are organized on mobile phones and they’re regarded as virtual classes.

To qualify to teach a field of study on this platform, you’re required to submit an ESL certificate to prove you can speak English as a second language or a teaching certificate rather. 

Payments are made based on hourly coaching. Pay rates range from $10 to $15 an hour, but the teaching limit for the week is 15 hours.

9. Italki

Italki offers teaching services to tutors from virtually all locations of the world and you can get paid teaching English from home.

Over 2 million students are registered on this platform with over 3000 teachers from the different locations of the world.

On this platform, you can arrange classes based on your own schedule. The only requirements for this job are a personal computer, Skype, and internet connectivity.

The platform operates a review system through which you’re allocated to students based on aspirants’ reviews and this can determine how much you can earn.

On this platform, credits are paid to tutors. And credits earned can be withdrawn or used to learn languages other than the one(s) you know.

On Italki, 1 credit is equivalent to $1USD. Payment is disbursed via Skrill, PayPal, Bank deposit, or Payoneer. It’s one of the best places to learn and earn doing one thing or the other.

 10. Lingoda

Lingoda pays its tutors from $10-$12 an hour. Sometimes, experience can determine your earnings.

As a tutor, you’re required to hold classes with your aspirants via Skype. Since the platform is open round the clock, you can work zealously and earn a lot of money teaching.

If you’re passionate about teaching, but don’t know where to make the most out of that talent of yours, Lingoda is the right platform.

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  • Scott Hinkle

    Thank you for this great post.  I actually have a friend that headed off to South America somewhere to teach English, kind of as a travel adventure thing.  I bet he’d love to do this as well.

    One question.  Do you need to know the other person’s native language to teach English on these platforms or is it a fully immersive, learn English from me in English full-time (if that made sense)?

    This list you’ve provided is excellent.  I will forward your article to him now.

    Thanks again,


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  • Tommy Potter

    I was not aware that such platforms existed, but they really are a great opportunity not only for income but for professional and personal development because it is clear that English has long become the universal language and now all those people whose Maternal language is not English around the world are trying to learn to get better living conditions, professional or commercial development or just to travel.

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  • The power of the internet is just on another level. I have had foreign language lessons online and I can also see the possibility of teaching English online. I love how VerbalPlannet works. I believe if a put out a great profile I can get myself in front of aspiring students. Thank you for the tip on getting feedback to enhance my profile. I already see how this could work. I will also be signing up for Chegg as well. Thank you for these great suggestions. Great article.

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  • Wow, Chris. You certainly have managed to find a lot of places online that one can earn money from teaching English. Just a pity that the better paying sites only take people that reside in the US and Canada. 

    Does one need to have a qualification or teaching degree to do this or can anyone who is good at English apply?

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  • What a great opportunity to earn money from home. I got some questions for you. Do you know if it’s possible to teach other languages on these platforms as well? And how passive is this? Are the videos only only uploaded and repeated or are there live/feedback requirements? And finally, do I need to market myself or how can I affect getting chosen by a lot of students?

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  • Thanks a ton for these various options to become an English teacher online. I have been thinking about becoming either a tutor or teacher online for some time now. I do not have a degree in teaching or English however I have 5 children ranging in age from 24 down to 5 and I have helped each of them with their studies for several years and very much enjoy it.

    I was excited to learn that some platforms, like Chegg, offer paid positions to teach other subjects besides just English. I have an affinity for Math and the Sciences. Having the opportunity to teach these subjects sounds exciting and fun. I am definitely going to check out some of these platforms. Thanks again!

    • Hi,
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  • I have been looking to actually try teach online recently and not sure which one to pick. Looking at your article you have given me more options to teach from. Though teaching from home is something really nice I would love to teach it oversees in person. The one I am turning to most is Verbal Planet and hopefully it is the right choice.

  • This would’ve been a better option for me to make money online than the ones i eventually went to venture into before. I had already though English before to some adults so why can’t i give one of this platforms a try. This will be some sort of side hustle for me. I have to look into this and weigh which of this platform will better suit me. Nice post, thanks.

    • Hi John,
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  • I’m not surprised on seeing how much people want to learn english language now a days ad its been a universal language and it keeps growing by the day. The idea of teaching English to people is very wonderful as there are some people who can teach very well buy do not have the boldness to stand in front of other people to teach. Teaching online and earning your money would mean alot to them. However i have heard there are certificates needed before one can get in with it, how can someone get it?

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  • Wow, I didn’t know that platforms where you can teach English and get paid are these much, it’s really nice and it’ll be good side business to do for me. All the platforms are nice and they all have nice offers in term of payment. The only problem I think can arise here is that of the learner’s native language, what if I as the teacher don’t understand his or her native language,it’ll be difficult. I’ll find my way around one of these platforms and I’ll check it out. Thanks a lot for this article, it’s really helpful.

    • Hi Wildecoll,
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  • I have used a platform before like this to make money online by teaching students. I am very happy that you can come up with so much more because i was thinking of recommending one to a friend. This are really all good platforms having read your short insights on them.  I will share this now with him so he too can make his research and choose what he wants. Best regards!

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