How to Start a WhatsApp TV From Home and Make Money

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How to Start a WhatsApp TV From Home and Make Money

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to start a WhatsApp Tv from home and earn a considerable amount of income from it. Do you want to know more about starting a WhatsApp status TV and earning regular passive income from it in the comfort of your home? If yes, I’m glad you landed on the right page.

WhatsApp Status TV’s are all over the places and anyone anywhere can start it with the right outlay and tactics. In this tutorial, I’ll analyze some few steps to walk you through the process of starting and growing your own WhatsApp status TV.

Owning a WhatsApp Tv is just like having a personal blog. Of course, having the former is way easier than having the latter when it comes to dedication and commitment, but not better in any way. While blogging requires a lot of search engine marketing and optimization practices, you only need to add more to your contacts in order to build your WhatsApp Tv. And while you need to create 2000+ words to optimize a blog for SEO, you just need a few words to build your WhatsApp TV.

Several folks also do research through Google and elsewhere trying to figure out how they can earn a steady flow of income from their own WhatsApp status Tv as well as get paid writing status. Of the multitude, only few have been able to figure it out and earn a living from it.

If you’re reading this post, I want to believe you’ve seen status Tv’s with hundreds of WhatsApp status views, contacts that have now turned into great influencers on the WhatsAppnetwork.

Even though so many influencers are proud of gaining thousands of contacts and views on their statuses, most of them haven’t figured out the way to monetize their statuses and earn a regular income from them. Being able to hack this system is really an important skill. So, I’ll be talking in detail about starting out a WhatsApp Tv and turning it into a thriving online business.

What is Called WhatsApp Tv?

WhatsApp Tv is simply a subset of a WhatsApp account committed to posting important updates exclusively for visitors’ entertainment. You can earn by selling products and affiliate companies, or by placing advertisements. As you get more WhatsApp status views and contacts, you earn more income.

Literally speaking, a WhatsApp Tv makes anything from N100,000 to N350,000 per month posting updates and placing advertisements for brands and businesses. A WhatsApp Tv is more or less like a social media influencer.

Several enterprises are reaching out, so they can be found and patronized. They market their business in order to reach out to as many potential customers as possible. Thus, they spend on publicizing and try getting more customers to their business.

Now, that WhatsApp has turned into the largest app for messaging in the whole online world, several people have started leveraging the status Tvs as a powerful tool to reach their potential and existing customers.

A one-on-one chatty interaction is made more feasible with WhatsApp than other messaging apps out there and you can quickly deduce what your customers desire and what they don’t within a few seconds of chatting. It has really helped businesses grow exponentially.

Who Can Earn from a WhatsApp Status Tv?

Anyone from all walks of life can start and build a WhatsAppTv in as much as the time is available to continue posting and responding to people’s messages. But, it’s more effective to create much data, time and the suitable device prior to starting a WhatsApp Tv.

Experience shows that many TVs are really not making it because they do not have the device suitable for the business. A lot of message requests and contacts come in which turns the device heavier than ever.

If you are serious about starting and growing a WhatsApp Tvfrom home, ensure to prepare for likely challenges and get the most appropriate and suitable devices for it.

What is required to start a WhatsApp TV?

If you’ve prepared to start with N200,000, it’s all well and good. If all you could afford to start with is N2,000 only, you’re also on track as far as this business is concerned. The reality about this business is that you do not actually need a whole lot of money to start up a status TV.

You can start with whatever you’ve got at your own disposal. Even if you are not with a naira, you are still suitable to start a WhatsApp status Tv. But, it’s best practices to spend in order to speed up growth.

Here are some important things to help you get started with a WhatsApp Tv:

  • An iPhone
  • A business logo
  • A WhatsApp business account

With all indications, everything you need to get started is simply at your own disposal. If you have a Smartphone, you can also start with that in as much as it can assist with installing and setting up a WhatsApp business account.

The primary thing to note is that you should find a strong phone first before getting started with a status Tv. You actually need a phone with high capacities such as 16GB of storage capacity, 4G LTE, and 2GB RAM.

The memory of your mobile device gets filled up and you may start experiencing hanging of the phone, as you begin to have more contacts on that phone. In most cases, it’s preferable starting out a status Tv using an iPhone. But, due to the high consumption rate of data with an iPhone, the Tecno Camon 11 or Samsung S7 would be okay in terms of data consumption rates.

How to Earn Money from a WhatsApp Status TV

I’ll analyze some great tips on the right steps to follow prior to diving into a WhatsApp Tv.

1. Identify your Specialty

What most people do today is that they simply duplicate funny videos and tweets, add their own watermarks and repost on their WhatsApp statuses. And that makes it a plagiarized business. Meanwhile, a lot of people are out there with a more targeted audience and more narrowed specialty than others. It helps them run informative and engaging Ads.

We have some status Tvs committed to displaying just content, while others talk about businesses, sports and all of that. Getting to identify your specialty will make it more feasible to create unique and engaging content rather than duplicating other people’s work and including your watermark.

Here are the most proficient niches out there for WhatsApp status Tvs:


You can make money with a gadgets Tv. You can start earning a steady flow of consistent revenue by selling gadgets to your customers through drop shipping, mini importation, or referral programs. You can go about selling to them with ease all because they are narrowed audiences. Of course, you know your customers have only considered joining your status Tv because they are interested in those gadgets.


Every individual loves to make money one way or the other. Running a status Tv, aside from spending in various investment opportunities, and others, can earn you regular income. A good way to attract your customers’ attentions is by keeping them up to date with a lot of exciting posts such as money making tips, top 20 lists of wealthy people, businesses you can invest into, and lots more. With these, you can earn money as an affiliate marketer and get a whole lot of your audiences referred into the revenue programs you’ve joined. You can also make money from selling eBooks at good rates.


The fashion related specialty is an overlooked yet profitable niche for veteran bloggers and social influencers.What you simply need to do is get images of your favorite celebrities putting on the best of fashion wears. So, you make money by selling those fashion items through affiliate marketing.


If you are talented at forecasting and predicting football matches, this is then your specialty. You can earn money by selling match forecasts to your existing audience. You can also earn a lot of money by sponsoring posts on your status Tv.

2. Set up a WhatsApp Business Account

With your WhatsApp business account, you can easily generate a unique link to your Tv. When the link is clicked by anyone, they will be landed on your WhatsApp contact whereby you’re allowed to add quick replies and send automated messages to your contacts. To install WhatsApp business, simply visit Google Playstore and get it installed on your phone. Verify your phone number and upload a business logo to that account.

3. Save Your WhatsApp Contacts in Your Email Storage

Why do you have to save your contacts in your email data storage? The memories of your SIM or phone storage are so limited, but that of your email storage is unlimited. You cannot exhaust it in a lifetime. Contacts saved in email storage can easily be retrieved anytime on any phone.

4. Run Advertising on Your Status Tv

You can also make money running related adverts on your WhatsApp status Tv. Adverts you can run include Facebookadverts, mobile app adverts and many more. This will result in getting more contacts within a short period of time.

5. Keep Posting

Do not stop posting to keep your audience engaged. Make sure you come up with fresh updates and feed your audience properly.

I am Chris. I want to hear what you think. Please leave me your comment in the comment section below. I will reply to you as soon as I can. Please share.

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