Tips to Make Money with the Amazon Affiliate Program

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Tips to Make Money with the Amazon Affiliate Program

This tutorial is basically on steps to join and tips to enhance your Amazon affiliate revenue.
It’s no controversy that Amazon is a trail blazer in producing eBooks and growing opportunities
for several book authors. However, Amazon spearheaded the way as far as affiliate marketing is

Far back in 1996, Amazon was a microscopic online book retailing platform. With a restricted
financial blueprint, Amazon made a decision to leverage people’s posture towards reading books
in order to expand and get known more and more.

Rather than securing an opening expenditure to buy Ads, people receive commissions when they
sent real customers to Amazon and made a sale. Amazon paid this commission once customers
have made payments, doing away with any form of upfront marketing costs.

Upon successful launching of the Amazon Associates Program, there were not yet many feasible
ways for online entrepreneurs to make money. This program made that feasible. The only
barricade with earning a considerable amount of income as an Amazon affiliate was that you’ll
have to sell many books. As Amazon’s product line kept expanding, the possibility of generating
more revenue kept increasing.

Though Amazon still has impartially-low commission rates compared to most affiliate networks
out there (4-8%, based on the volume of products and sales), with an extensive customer base,
broad product line, and reputation, there’s a high probability that you can always find things to
promote, sell and earn revenue.

Likewise several other work at home job opportunities out there, making money with Amazon
entails hard work, accurate research, and marketing tactics. To make the most out of Amazon
Affiliate program, here are a few tips to follow:

Pros of Promoting the Amazon Affiliate Network

  • There are a couple of reasons to try out the Amazon Affiliate program, some of which are stated
    The Amazon Associates Program is completely free to join.
  • Amazon is an extremely visited, widely known brand that most people utilize and rely on
    every day.
  • There are lots of products to promote and sell.
  • There is no minimum traffic requirement or other parameters for one to be accepted into
    the network.
  • Amazon has an accurate traffic tracking feature so you can keep track of what is
    receiving real traffic and what is bringing sales.
  • There are tools specifically designed to help you sell particular items, or an item
  • Amazon provides valuable customer services to all buyers, so this prevents site visitors
    from frowning with you in case they have an issue with the product they paid for.
  • Payments are made straight to your bank account.
  • Above all, if the customers you send to Amazon don’t buy the specific product you
    introduced, once they buy some other products within a 24-hour period, you’ll receive

Cons of the Amazon Affiliate Network

There’s no perfection in anything, and this includes the Amazon Associates Program too. Here
are a few pitfalls:

  • Amazon’s cookies expire in 24 hours. This implies you won’t receive commissions if
    your referrals don’t buy something within a 24-hour period. (But, the cookies will expire
    in three months if your referrals add the products to cart.)
  • The commission percentage is comparatively low compared to most affiliate networks
    out there, 4-8% based on the products. For the bounty programs like $5 for Audible
    referrals, $3 for Prime referrals, and $15 for Business referrals, it offers flat rates.
  • If your site is based in the US, and you send someone to buy something at any of the
    Amazon stores in the US, you won’t receive any commission if the referral is from other
    countries (i.e Amazon Australia).
  • You’re not permitted to share Amazon affiliate links via emails (Blog posts that you send
    via email inclusive). As email is known to be a great way to send amazing offers to your
    audience, the system doesn’t allow this.
  • You cannot get paid via PayPal. Payment is made only through checks, direct deposit or
    Amazon gift cards.
  • Payment threshold is $100, though this can be earned easily by making a ton of sales per
    month whether you’re just starting or not.

Tips to Promote Your Amazon Associate Link


Blogging is the most proficient way most affiliates make the most out of the Amazon affiliate
program. Some well known bloggers operate multi-niche websites, and thus, utilize a couple of
affiliate networks and several other money-making opportunities.
Meanwhile, other bloggers operate single-niche websites, narrowing down the promotion to
specific product line that is relevant to their niches. Whichever way it may be, you can as well
make the most out of the Amazon affiliate program on your personal blog by:

1. Writing product reviews – Of course, everybody wants to know about products before
they start spending their money into them, particularly if such products are completely
new and there isn’t much information published yet about them.

2. Producing high-quality content for your website or blog about choosing or
purchasing certain products listed on Amazon. These days, most people research
products online properly before buying at all. If you’re a pet blogger, you can create an
article on choosing a cost-effective breed with a link to breeding equipment. A health
website can link to health centers and other health related equipment.

3. Writing about top-sellers – You can utilize top-sellers available on Amazon, or perhaps,
if you have sales records with Amazon associates, examine your sales history to find out
which product is selling most in your blog’s network.

4. Marketing exclusive offers through your blog – This will suffice your selling goal if
you have an everyday sales blogging activity. The step entails that you examine Amazon
for exclusive promotions on items that match your blog’s niche.

YouTube Videos

You can possibly give so much of similar content on YouTube videos as you do exactly on your
blog, such as product reviews, program reviews, service reviews, and many more.
The benefit of utilizing videos for making money is that you offer tours, comprehensive tutorials,
and visual write-up that will make potential customers make a decision as to whether they will
purchase the products or not.

Social Media

You can also leverage the social media networks to share your blog posts with affiliate links
attached, or can alternatively have the affiliate links shared directly.
In order to be completely transparent with your social media audience, you should try stating, in
clear terms, that those links are affiliate links and you’re going to earn some commissions
through them. This will increase your credibility in the sight of your target audience. It will also
make a lot of sense to both new and existing customers.
People don’t want to be taken down to the sales page without being sure of what they’re being
asked to buy. So, it’s good to exercise some care with the use of affiliate links within posts. Post
affiliate links only where you write about affiliate programs. Don’t post links in non-affiliate
social media or blog posts.

Lead Magnet

Many super affiliate marketers today operate their websites using just a few pages with a
functioning email marketing system that helps them run product promotion via autopilot for
generating passive income.

A page stands for a landing page which promotes a tripwire offer to captivate people or make
them subscribe to the list. Once they’re done subscribing, the user is then redirected to another
page which conveys some information about the affiliate products that are being advertised.
So, the email presents the tripwire offer, likewise a sequence of several other emails that contain
useful and informative tips on particular affiliate products.

Include Amazon Products in Your Business

You can include Amazon products in your existing business which ensures that you can create an
extra source of revenue. Whether you’re currently making sales or not, you still stand a chance of
selling understanding the fact that most people trust Amazon and they can, of course, find good
products to purchase at Amazon stores.
For instance, if you’re a blogging expert with a well ranked blog, you can promote books that
teach pro blogging tips and strategies. You can begin to promote eBooks that teach pro blogging

Getting Started as an Amazon Affiliate Marketer

Starting out with the Amazon affiliate program is easy and free. Follow the tips below:

1. Visit the program site and fill up the forms appropriately.

2. Make sure you read the program’s rules and policies. For instance, it is contrary to the
rule of Amazon associates to add affiliate links to an email.

3. Make a resolution on how you’re going to promote products – On Amazon, you’re
provided with an Ad snippet code or HTML that you can paste into your site or blog for

4. Decide on which product(s) to promote – On Amazon, you’re permitted to make a
search depending on specific keywords, product numbers, and ISBNs.

5. Build targeted traffic – Affiliate revenue works best with a huge, consistent flow of
targeted traffic. There are numerous cost-effective ways to make people visit your site or

6. Make sure the products you recommend are relevant to your blog niche – If your
blog is based on pet keeping, you shouldn’t add an affiliate link that is based on health,
unless you talk about a veterinary health center.

7. Add linkable images and multiple links in your posts – Visitors may not see those
Ads. But It is more likely that they will click such captivating images and text links in an
informative post.

8. Make a careful selection of products – Do not choose to promote a product you don’t
personally like for the sake of making money. It’s going to bring about a setback in your
business and visitors will lose trust in your brand. Experientially, people are highly likely
to purchase products that are based on personal recommendations. So, if you don’t know
much about a product, do not choose to promote it or, perhaps read similar reviews about
such a product to find out what most people have experienced in buying or using it.

9. If you are a full-time blogger promoting affiliate programs, make sure you add a
disclaimer page which states that you’re using an affiliate link in compliance to the
affiliate disclaimer by FTC and the European’s General Data Protection and Regulations

Increasing Sales and Your Amazon Affiliate Revenue

Here are further tips to help you maximize your Amazon affiliate revenue:

1. Promote or talk about niche-related products – When you purchase ice cream, you’re
possibly asked this question “Would you want nylon with that?” Several products suffice
most or are maximized with supplementary products that you can also promote.

2. Check your traffic stats to see what product is selling and what isn’t, what item is
clicked though your site and every other necessary information regarding your promotion
and how you can improve.

3. Examine what other products your visitors are purchasing most – An excellent
feature of the Amazon affiliate program is that you’ll receive payments on products
bought by your visitors, whether they purchased the particular product you advertised to
them or not. If such products haven’t yet been promoted on your site or blog, don’t
hesitate to include them on your item list.


When it comes to making money through affiliate marketing or with a blog, the Amazon
associates program is one of the best ways to generate a multiple stream of income working from

However, while doing it, it should be understood that it requires more than just operating a blog
or site and adding a couple of affiliate links. It entails identifying a market’s requirements,
passing across the right information to meet those requirements, and, therefore, finding lasting
solutions through the market.

If you’re a newbie blogger and you wish to join the Amazon affiliate program, I’m pleased to
inform you that Amazon doesn’t have a minimum monthly traffic requirement – meaning that
you can apply to become part of this program and get approved with a website of your own.

If you haven’t got a personal website, you may not be able to promote Amazon products yet. Or
if you’re blogging under a free sub domain, you cannot join the Amazon associates central yet.

Thanks for reading my post. Please ask any questions or drop me a comment below. You may also like to read my other posts:

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Chris is an affiliate marketer based in Bolton, in the north west of England, United Kingdom.

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    You’re right in so many respects. Just putting a load of links on your website and hoping for the best isn’t going to work. We need to build trust, Amazon already have it, we just need to have it as well. 

    One thing I think is incredible is the life of the ‘cookie’ Three months if the product goes into the basket/cart. Let’s face it, there are millions of products, so if you’ve managed to direct someone onto the Amazon site, there may well be something on there that they will be tempted to buy.

    Cross continent or country buying would seem to be a downside. As there are a huge amount of sites out there from all over the world, there is always going to be a chance of the buyer being from another country. If I follow an Amazon link to the US site, I usually get a pop-up asking if I would like to go to the UK site. If I do and purchase, does this mean that there will be no commission for the referrer ? If so then that should be changed to make it fairer. 

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