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Passive income is income that requires little to no effort to earn and maintain: it includes rental income, royalties, etc.

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How to Monetize Your Site and Earn Cool Money

Learn the best hacks to monetize your blog or website!

The availability of several user–friendly networks online coupled with the vast growth of modern technology has made it feasible for web users to set up their own blogs or websites in a few clicks.

Even if your blog or website is more of an amusement than a business, it’s really awesome to get to learn how you can earn some decent amount of income with it!

However, before getting into finding possible means to monetize your blog or website, it’s imperative to evaluate blog’s traffic.

By doing that, you can figure out what monetization strategies would suffice most for you and the most prominent ways to go about monetizing that blog.

You have two free services you can quickly leverage at your disposal for that effect:

Quantcast and Google Analytics!

Quantcast presents the demographic details you can utilize to assess which location brings the largest traffic to your site.

Google Analytics presents vital statistics such as specific keywords users typed in search toolboxes that led to landing on your page, the number of page views, and the quality of time spent by users on certain pages of your site.

Another crucial thing you need to do is make sure that your blog or website has quality content. Not alone that content should be informative and relevant to specific searches, but also should be search engine friendly.

This will increase the visibility of your site in search engines such as Bing, Google, and Yahoo! Once your site is search engine optimized, there are numerous ways in which you can monetize it.

7 Hacks to Monetizing Your Site!

Want to implement awesome tactics to monetizing your blog?

Here’s the complete list!

1. Become an Affiliate Marketer

Have you launched your new blog or website? The fastest way to earn money from it is through affiliate marketing – promoting the products of affiliate companies.

This is the slightest strategy of choosing a product or service and promoting it on your personal blog. This is one key strategy for you to make money out of your new website.

Any time a visitor lands on your site, clicks through any one of your affiliate links and buys that specific product or service; you’ll earn a commission from that very sale.

In most cases, the commission can range anywhere from 25% of the sale price to 75% or more. So, you can generate some money through that channel without having any much work to do on your part. You can join affiliate networks through Commission Junction (CJ). CJ is an affiliate network of affiliate networks. So, head on to CJ and sign up to a couple of affiliate companies you like.

4 Tips for Newbie Affiliate Marketers to Maximize their Profits

In monetizing blog content, affiliate marketing is the right way to follow for both newbie and struggling veteran bloggers.

Entrepreneurs who have passion for online marketing have learned about the numerous people that are making great fortunes from affiliate marketing.

However, for newbie entrepreneurs, the whole process isn’t as easy as it sounds. Why? Not every attempt at affiliate marketing is successful the same way.

The way you view affiliate marketing is the determining factor that affects how things are going to work out for you over the long haul. To help the newbie get the key ideas from the onset, I have four tips to share below:

a. Choose the Right Niche

Except you have a lot of money in your savings account (which is not always the case with most newbie affiliates), you must choose a specialty you can depend on for future revenue.

And the fact is that not all affiliates are made the same; some are obviously more lucrative than others.

We have two techniques to this.

The first technique is that you’ll want to choose specialties that already have huge markets simply because it is going to bring greater traffic in the future, which eventually generates tons of referrals that turn into great income.

It has been discovered that – of all the niches – the following niches are known to be in the highest demand:

  • Wealth: This includes foreign currency, digital selling, stock exchange, through which common people are seeking places to invest their money.
  • Health: This includes pharmaceuticals, medical services, herbal therapies, as people are investing heavily in weight loss, fitness, and natural cures.
  • Romance: This includes online dating, as there has been anincrease in the need to find categories of people that have similar interests or belong to equal demographic.

Finding a passion in any of these niches should boost your chances of getting those awesome revenues maximized, even though the high competition in those industries is its barricade. Why?

The newbie needs to get lost in the midst of high-competitive markets with other investors.

That’s the reason it’s better to consider the second technique, which is looking for more specific specialties or those that do not attract a lot of attentions from most entrepreneurs out there.

I’m talking about those sites which aren’t that common or some that have hidden markets or are extremely limited to particular regions like gambling.

Make sure you always look for low-competitive niches and pick a niche idea from that. Think of some niches on the list and pick one that will suit you the most. You’ll be glad you did your homework well!

b. Create Great Content

The web is gradually sliding away from shortcut tactics like the PPC techniques and all of that. Don’t follow suit. Don’t spend all your time and money on such traffic-driving techniques because if you do, you’ll realize later you’ve been wasting all the money and time.

Instead of doing that, rather ensure your site can captivate the ideal consumers’ interest to guarantee consistent traffic.

The increase in the web threats, security, and all of that has called for some degree of caution on the part of most people in following links online.

Well-crafted and relevant content is likely to generate more of people’s trust online! It’ll make them highly confident that those links they always see on your site are such that they really need.

Aside from that, you don’t want to take the risk of getting your site cracked down all because of irrelevant and low content.

By coming up with relatable and highly-engaging content, you’ll make it feasible for most visitors or readers to reach out and spread the word by sharing your blog content to interested parties, enabling them to do all the necessary work on your behalf at no cost to you at all.

The key objective is to make visitors get value from your site in order to keep them coming back to learn more over and over again. Only good content can let you achieve that, rest assured!

c. Apply Different Promotion Techniques

Of course, SEO and copywriting are the vital elements to generating great traffic, but they aren’t the only proven techniques that work.

As a matter of fact, the most prosperous internet entrepreneurs are those who explored all kinds of marketing techniques, even as newbie. Some actually seem little, but they all spark together and generate significant revenue in the end.

A more diversified network will constantly imply exploring social media marketing, direct email marketing, and offline marketing channels.

Learn patiently how things are done and, more particularly, whether or not they are applicable to your site. They probably will, since the different techniques are proven to suffice one another.

d. Update Your Legal Expertise

This is great. As a matter of fact, this is one of the most crucial affiliate marketing techniques for the newbie. Note that the legal part of affiliate marketing can be very sensitive.

Being patient to comprehend the terms on which you build engagement with particular affiliates will save you a lot of headaches from future conflicts.

Most significantly, you should be mindful of the current laws and regulations that are governing online business. Super affiliate marketers are quite aware of the fact that those laws and regulations are meant for the advantage of all involved parties.

And that’s the reason legal practices such as disclaimer and other policies are always there – to ensure all interests and rights are fully protected.

Organically, adherence to those laws and regulations will enable you to build the reputation and credibility that both consumers and affiliates will prefer and trust in their everyday dealings.

2. Get Approved for Google AdSense

Google AdSense is quite another great stream of generating revenue from your blog. It’s a good way to monetize your site. And this is a CPC advertising and publishing program that enables you to display relevant Ads on your site. 

Once you’ve submitted an application with your website, install the snippet code onto the header of your site and Google botswill detect what your site is all about and which Ads would be most relevant to your website niche.

This will ensure the advertisement which will start appearing on your site will be totally relevant to your blog content. Google spiders fundamentally do the Ad matching based on specific keywords.

Each time someone clicks on the advertisements displayed on your site, you receive payments anywhere from $0.01 to $0.50 for each valid click. What an awesome way to monetize a site using Ads!

3. Create a Membership Site

Another working monetization alternative – and one of the most promising ways to monetize a blog – is to set up a blog which sells memberships on a recurring basis.

For this to suffice, your blog needs to offer some kind of value to visitors, whether it’s eBooks, digital pictures, articles, background themes, research reports, and more.

There’s a ton of cool websites that have become well-established such as Elegant Themes, Kindle Unlimited, ShutterStockimages, and lots more. This method is excellent for monetizing a website or blog.

4. Sell Advertising Space on Your Site

This isn’t as simple as adding an affiliate link. But it can earn you a great deal of income if you come across a direct sponsor for your blog. There is a ton of sites that are into the business of selling advertising space.

Charges are usually based on one dollar per 1000 page impressions. This can be an equitably lucrative revenue opportunity for sites that love significant amount of traffic and, thus a desperate way to monetize a blog. Isn’t that true?

5. Publish Sponsored Posts

There are a lot of online entrepreneurs out there that pay huge amounts of money to bloggers to help write detailed positive reviews about their services or products. This is a great monetization tactic, right?

As a matter of fact, reviews showing on 3rd-party sites frequently hold higher credibility as visitors don’t see them as direct Ads.

Plus, sponsored posts which are interesting and informative are also great for a site as they are compelling and remarkable content.

The amount of money you can charge anyone for such sponsored posts is totally based on how trendy your site is, how many followers you have on most social media platforms, and how proficient your blog content is likely to be.

6. Sell Your Digital Products or Services

Want to learn more ways to monetize a blog, right? Another valuable tactic is coming on. Which of these are you thinking of? To come up with a digital course or an eBook on the specific topic idea you’re very passionate about!

Then, you should try selling it through your blog directly. It’s a great way to monetize your site! And it’s going to give you a 100% profit from the selling price of the product or service.

In as much as this is virtual content, there’s definitely no beforehand cost to it except the quality of time taken while writing it.

7. Flip your Site

This tactic is instrumental for people who create a site with the purpose of selling it to higher bidders.

While this strategy may be a short-lasting one, it really works out for people who have several sites in a myriad of variations and are on the search for clients who can buy the website.

Thus, the efficient trick is to ensure your site is fit enough so it can look appealing to bidders or potential buyers.

I am Chris. I want to hear what you think. Please leave me your comment in the comment section below. I will reply to you as soon as I can. Please share.

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