Review - Passive Income Gigs Review offers a powerful conference calling and screen sharing service for free. Alongside the premium plan, there is a free service that offers several similar tools and features such as call recording, web management, and calendar integrations. It permits users to set up and host meetings completely free online.

The usage of this service is significantly part of what makes it so appealing. You can start hosting conference calls within seconds once you’ve signed up to the service. It’s for this part that a lot of users have found this service the best among others out there. 

It may also be interesting to know that advertising is simply what makes the free plan different from the paid plan. As a free user, you tend to view Ads with the service, but with a paid plan, users do not view ads at all. – The Most Preferred Conference Call Service of the Year

The Resolution is the very conference calling service that has been chosen by many people because it offers a wide range of inestimable features and services, it provides an amazing customer service/support, and it’s very simple to use, all without spending a dime.

Pricing stays on top of other conference calling service providers out there as most providers do charge fees for just basic features and tools despite all the claims that they offer free services to users. But, the entire system includes all its components like online meetings, audio conference calls, call recording, and screen sharing. 

Aside from its free plan, has a different pro business plan which goes for $14.95/month per single account. There’s also the enterprise plan designed for an industry-level service which lets you access unlimited hosts. This particular service goes for $6,000 a month.

Ads are just the disparity between the paid and free plans. With the free plan, all your call participants will definitely see a Ad every time they’re logged in to a meeting. 

Meeting participants also receive Ads on email invites. Users in the paid plan customize the branding of to their own personal branding. With the paid plan, custom on-hold music and custom greetings are allowed. has a lot of add-on components that businesses can leverage. It costs $0.039/minute to let meeting participants dial a toll-free number into the meeting. However, if you need a personalized number without access codes at all, the monthly cost is $3.95 only. On-hold music and custom greetings only cost $2/month. An extra cloud storage space can be bought for meeting recordings at $3/month.

You are not required to enter into any contract with and there is no expiration of accounts. The same account can be used for online meetings and multiple conference calls. Services

Both the paid and free plans at are full of services without reservation. In this conference calling service, it is not allowed to schedule meetings in advance. But it’s allowed to host impromptu meetings whenever you want and to any extent.

Free Plan Services

The free service plan of includes the most significant tools and components for an enterprise conference call service. Signing up for this particular service is quite easy. And whether you use the system or not for online meetings or audio calls, you’ll find it so easy to use.

You can host online meetings or audios with up to a thousand participants with the free plan service. Amidst the free services out there, this comes with the largest caller maximums. If you must host any specific meeting with about 50,000 participants, you can get in touch with the large meeting services team of to organize that for you.

It takes just a few seconds to sign up for this service. Only your email address and password are required to set up your free account. A confirmation email will then be sent to you immediately with your conference call phone number included, a host PIN, and access code. It also comes with your playback number, online meeting ID, and a quick overview describing how to host your first call.

Once you’re done signing up for this service, you’re free to log in to the online portal of You can then send out invites to those meetings from there. Included in the invitations are access code, dial-in-number, time and date of the meeting. Any other necessary note you want the participants to be familiar with regarding the meeting can be added.

Right inside the email, the participants can have the meeting details downloaded automatically to their calendar.

Paid Plan Services

Once you have accessed almost everything that this calling service has to offer in its free plan, you can still find some more advantages to selecting the paid plan.

The greatest advantage of the paid plan is that it doesn’t contain Ads. If you are on the free plan, you’ll always hear a message sounding that this meeting is presented to you by, and the meeting invites also bear the company branding. However, if you’re on the paid plan, you can add your own personalized branding and customize greetings.

If a free plan user wants to use the features in the paid plan, such would have to pay for them. Users in the paid plan service are allowed to upload their hold music tracks while callers are waiting for meetings to begin. The other components paid users can access, based on their chosen plan, include a dedicated account manager, custom branding, a sporty directory, single log-on, and training.

Pros and Cons of

Typically, the utmost advantage to this conference calling service is that it doesn’t cost a dime. If those Ads mean nothing to you while calling, sending, or receiving email invitations, then you’ll never have issues with the free plan.

When a call is being hosted, you can keep track of the meeting from your account’s meeting wall. You can pause the meeting, view who’s on the call, drop callers from the meetings, and mute callers.

If you are not around your computer, you can use your phone’s dial pad to complete those tasks. For example, if you press *5, all the call’s participants will be muted and if you press *9, the meeting will begin recording. Individuals who want to speak can un-mute themselves by pressing *6. Managing Question & Answer sessions is included in the other dial pad controls and you can implement that by pressing *1; creating a breakout room is executed by pressing *3, and hearing a caller count is executed by pressing *2.

The service is awesome in the sense that it lets you adjust the numerous settings for your conference calls. For you to know when callers are joining or quitting the meeting, you can exit tones and turn on entry. In addition, the decision is in your hands whether you want callers to present themselves or not when they check in the room, whether a meeting participant can enter the room ahead of the host, and whether calls can continue once the host has left.

You are in full control whether or not an attendance list is shown in the online portal, whether or not you want to receive a code on starting up the meeting, and whether or not minutes of the meetings are automatically recorded. 

You can record calls completely free, and if you so desire, you’re allowed to record the whole meeting or just a fraction of it. Once the meeting has been completed, you’ll have the recording automatically saved in your account. As a free user, you’re going to get 1GB storage space for free. And for a little monthly charge, you can buy additional storage space.

With a reference number and access code, which will be sent to you once a call is completed; you are able to listen to the recordings of the meeting from your wall. You can have the recording downloaded and listen to it right on your device or simply have it emailed to other people. enables an account holder to host web meetings at no charge – as part of the typical audio-only conference calls. Screen sharing and video conference are supported by online meetings. 

Local numbers are offered in over 60 countries of the world by It incorporates Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Evernote, and Dropbox, and includes a mobile app for Android devices and iOS. You can control all of your conference calls from the mobile app.

Almost everything about is admired, particularly for the free plan. The greatest barricade is that it does not support the run-assisted conference calling. This category of service ordains an operator for the sole purpose of greeting callers when they come in, planning the call, providing you with recordings, managing the Question & Answer sessions, and transcribing once the call is completed.

The platform, however, is not alone in requiring this kind of hands-on service. Majority of the free services out there do not offer run-assisted services, and the few ones that actually do require fees.

Customer Support at

The customer support service is awesome. To examine the level of the service, you can contact the support as many times as you want and post as an entrepreneur deeply interested in their services.

The representative of is highly helpful and accommodating. The team is the type you can speak or interact with on the phone, which is awesome indeed. The phone support isn’t offered by many free conference calling services out there.

The representative or team at are responsible when it comes to giving program details to users on demand, answering questions, and deeply showing the disparity between the paid and free plans. You are not even pressurized to sign up to the paid plan at all. Instead, they do encourage users to stick to the free plan knowing that they can try out the paid plan whenever the need arises in the future. 

The customer support service offered at is 24/7/365. The company can be reached via online support or phone. Additionally, the website provides a lot of useful training resources, including user guides, and detailed answers to Frequently Asked Questions. is such a platform that hasn’t got a negative review posted against it but an A+ rating since it’s started out operation, and is not an accredited member of BBB (Better Business Bureau).

Enterprises looking for components like VOIP calling, call recording, screen sharing, video conferencing, presentation software, and a site that can help a large audience of people may be amazed to discover that offers all of those robust services. 

Unlike other rivals, offers great and exclusive integrations with 3rd-party platforms like Dropbox, Google Calendar, Slack, and Outlook.

While building interactions, users can leverage the drawing software to blot the screen and share their input with ease. And if the collaboration needs to be split into smaller teams, the platform enables users to flare up into smaller rooms for a more individual connection. Who is it Good For? takes care of businesses to reduce their telecommunication spending. But it doesn’t mean that its service isn’t better than that of others.

Customer support and platform design aren’t as integrated as the paid services out there, but users have all of the integrated components at their disposal to enjoy. With their full support for more than 1000 users/call, big and small enterprises leverage to control their calling goals.

What FreeConferenceCall Is Missing?

With regard to components, nothing much was missing from this great conference calling service. However, web storage is restricted to 1GB storage space for audio or video call recordings. Additionally, recordings aren’t sent directly to your mailbox like it is done with UberConference. With that, there is still no breakage of deals as the 1GB storage space is equivalent to 10 hours of audio and 1 hour 30 minutes of video.

What Users Say About FreeConferenceCall

Enterprises that leverage acknowledge that it is reliable and completely free. The embracement for about 1000 conference callers with components like screen sharing, international numbers, and call recording is a choice with several business owners and entrepreneurs.

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